ktru playsheet

AustinC, NancyN, Hk
genetic memory

from Mon 09/06/2010 09:56:00 PM until Mon 09/06/2010 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:58 AM- phonophani / mendel [kreken] on the rune grammofon label.
12:53 AM- goatvargr / goatwalking [black snow epoch] on the cold spring label.
12:52 AM- neil gaiman / a study in emerald (extract) [fragile things] on the harper audio label.
12:46 AM- mz 412 / mourning star [infernal affairs] on the cold meat industry label.
12:42 AM- irr app ext / untitled [drone works #10] on the twenty hertz label.
12:41 AM- harry cox / my mother [what will become of england?] on the rounder label.
12:39 AM- susan matthews / king of the world [in search of the shadow walker] on the sonic oyster label.
12:38 AM- andrew paine / april cast a broad shadow [the haunts of ancient peace] on the sonic oyster label.
12:33 AM- eleh / circle two: coastal rotation for dune loop [repose] on the touch label.
12:31 AM- brian lavelle / proem [magdalena] on the diophantine label.
12:29 AM- urban parable / urban parable (extract) [urban parable] on the sonic oyster label.
12:27 AM- jean ritchie / the merry golden tree [ballads from her appalachian family tradition] on the smithsonian folkways label.
12:26 AM- lawrence english / one thousand miles of white [incongruous harmonies] on the touch label.
12:26 AM- mirror / into the wood [into the wood] on the three poplars label.
12:22 AM- bj nilsen and stilluppsteypa / space finale [space finale] on the editions mego label.
12:15 AM- field rotation / sleepless [why things are different] on the hibernate label.
12:14 AM- thomas koner / andenes [nunatak + teimo + permafrost] on the type label.
12:09 AM- anna homler / e'sha ko'la kee'yo [house of hands] on the nd label.
12:01 AM- alastair galbraith / dances for the blind owl 2 [dances for the blind owl] on the la station radar label.
12:00 AM- jim copp & ed brown / the duck, the tiger, the shrimp and the owl [a fidgety frolic] on the playhouse label.
11:56 PM- kodama / wandering around inside of "ourea" we blew into the breathing of the stochastic rushing water / and once again, the mirror was too steamed to cross the voracious throat [turning leaf migrations] on the olde english spelling bee label.
11:50 PM- volcano the bear / all the paint i can breathe [guess the birds] on the beta-lactam ring label.
11:59 PM- storm bugs / aboulia [let's go outside and get it over] on the snatch tapes label.
11:47 PM- graham lambkin / jumpskins [salmon run] on the kye label.
11:44 PM- andrew paine & richard youngs / third call to solomon [guide to music] on the sonic oyster label.
11:43 PM- milk from cheltenham / our dictator [triptych of prisoners] on the alga marghen label.
11:39 PM- brian lavelle / i did not go outside [magdelena] on the diophantine label.
11:37 PM- dylan nyoukis / these throats your feathers [inside wino lodge] on the no fun productions label.
11:35 PM- rotten piece / hoof and mouth [within the apparatus are pockets of quiet] on the fleece label.
11:31 PM- alessandro bosetti / restless (mandarin chinese) [zwolfzungen] on the sedimental label.
11:36 PM- orphan fairytale / phantom shapes [ladybird labyrinth] on the ultra eczema label.
11:23 PM- sean mccann / gaslit statues [fable shop] on the cylindrical habitat modules label.
11:21 PM- venus handcuffs [corpses as bedmates] / birds fly out [venus handcuffs] on the ad hoc label.
11:17 PM- ghedalia tazartes / la vie et la morte legendaires du spermatodoide humuch lardy [diasporas / tazartes] on the alga marghen label.
11:14 PM- charles curse / u-bolt / sombre noble anti-fuck [rain in skull] on the olde english spelling bee label.
11:10 PM- richard youngs / mountain got so lonely [inceptor] on the volcanic tongue label.
10:59 PM- skullflower / crashing silver ghost phallus [obsidian shaking codex CD] on the rrr label.
10:53 PM- ramleh / utopia dust [homeless CD] on the broken flag label.
10:51 PM- sudden infant / little dead body [my life's a gunshot: retrospective 1989-2009 2x2xLP] on the hronir label.
10:46 PM- inhalant / love song [bondage LP] on the snse label.
10:42 PM- alberich / to be the strongest [of man, of genius C10] on the hospital productions label.
10:37 PM- black leather jesus / a socity that hates [the paralyzed collector CDr] on the tabula rasa label.
10:24 PM- bizarre uproar/mania / <no song titles legibly provided> [charnel heap 2xCS] on the corrosive industries label.
10:19 PM- sewer goddess / vicki louise fawcett [verdigris 7"] on the baseborn label.
10:15 PM- sun city girls / dead chick in the river [kaliflower CD] on the abduction label.
10:09 PM- annie anxiety / barbed wire halo [barbed wire halo 7"] on the crass records label.
10:07 PM- lemon kittens / rome burning [we buy a hammer for daddy LP] on the united dairies label.
09:58 PM- nurse with wound / duelling banjos [the swinging reflective 2xCD] on the united dairies label.