ktru playsheet


from Thu 02/12/2004 02:54:00 PM until Thu 02/12/2004 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:58 PM- god is my co-pilot / pocket full of sugar [puss oz] on the dark beloved cloud label.
04:55 PM- nerdy girl / do you like me [twist her] on the no life label.
04:54 PM- heavenly / lemonhead boy [heavenly vs satan] on the k records label.
04:54 PM- long winters / blue diamonds [when i pretend to fall] on the barsuk records label.
04:53 PM- of montreal / panda bear [the bedside drama] on the kindercore records label.
04:52 PM- lyrics Born / cold call [Later That Day] on the Quannum label.
04:51 PM- ae / steak [bootleg] on the sonig label.
04:27 PM- shy child / stingray wings [humanity ep] on the grenadine label.
04:27 PM- murder city devils / dancin' shoes [broken bottles empty hearts] on the sub pop label.
04:26 PM- edward mullaney and patrick stack / maid in a cherry tree [wheels of the world, early irish-american music] on the yahzoo label.
04:16 PM- pinback / victorius d [offcell] on the absoultely kosher records label.
04:10 PM- the unicorns / tuff ghost [who will cut our hair when we're gone?] on the alien8 label.
04:05 PM- flossie and the unicorns / the bee's secret formula [animals clubhouse] on the rhinestone records label.
04:03 PM- death cab for cutie / blacking out the friction [the photo album] on the barsuk records label.
04:02 PM- phases / sea tones [may 03] on the worthy label.
04:01 PM- keith rowe and toshimaru nakamura / weather sky #2 [weather sky] on the evstwhile label.
03:41 PM- troyer / je t'aime [rose de shiraz] on the deluxe label.
03:41 PM- cleoma falcon / blues negres [hot women - women singers from the torrid regions of the world] on the kein and aber label.
03:39 PM- object / insideout [pandemic] on the quatermass label.
03:38 PM- the telephone company / handshake [the king's surprise?] on the business deal label.
03:32 PM- the capricorns / teenage boyfriend [in the zone] on the paroxysm label.
03:25 PM- v/a / annoucement to the parents of the groom [boua xou mua - the music of the people of laos] on the arhoolie label.
03:20 PM- pretty girls make graves / all medicated geniuses [the new romance] on the matador label.
03:20 PM- stars / my radio (am mix) [a lot of little lies] on the le grand magistery label.
03:15 PM- anna oxygen / man on the screen [all your faded things] on the cold crush records label.
03:06 PM- gasman / auto-accomp section [remedial] on the planet mu label.
03:05 PM- yeah yeah yeahs / art star [s/t] on the shifty label.
03:00 PM- decibel / lluvia dorada [furtuna virilis plus] on the mio label.
02:54 PM- fair, jad/ moore, r. stevie / leaders of yes [fairmoore] on the old gold label.
02:53 PM- rondelles / mission: irresistible [fiction romance fast machines] on the smells like records label.