ktru playsheet


from Tue 02/11/2003 07:02:00 AM until Tue 02/11/2003 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:00 AM- Indio Zumbido / livingston buzz [Los Ultimus dias del AM] on the Radio Zumbido label.
08:58 AM- Cub / Go Fish [Mauler: A collection Of Oddities] on the Au-Go-Go label.
08:51 AM- Spoon / Lines in the Suit [Girls Can Tell] on the Merge label.
08:49 AM- The Promise Ring / Emergency! Emergency! [Very Emergency] on the Jade Tree label.
08:42 AM- A lot of Little Stars / On Peak Hill [A lot of little lies for One Big Truth] on the le Grand magistery label.
08:38 AM- the ida retsin family / Be Careful ["volume one"] on the muss my hair label.
08:35 AM- little wings / Uh-Oh (It's Morning Time Again) [light green leaves] on the k label.
08:34 AM- little wings / Uh-Oh (It's Morning Time Again) [light green leaves] on the k label.
08:32 AM- Small Factory / Valentine [I Do Not Love You] on the Spin Art label.
08:31 AM- Tim Kinsellas / So Open; Hurrah! ["He Sang his didn't He Danced His Did"] on the troubleman Unlimited label.
08:24 AM- amon tobin / back from space [out from out where] on the ninja tune label.
08:20 AM- bounty killer / war beyond the stars [my Xperience] on the tvt label.
08:13 AM- Quails, the / easy [atmosphere] on the inconvenient label.
08:10 AM- legendary pink dots / the warden [all the kings men] on the roir label.
08:07 AM- bob marley / get up, stand up [rebel music] on the island label.
08:04 AM- kodo / ibuki [ibuki] on the tristar label.
07:59 AM- mustard plug / throw a bomb [pray for mojo] on the hopeless label.
07:53 AM- bounty killer / war face [my Xperience] on the tvt records label.
07:48 AM- death cab for cutie / line of best fit [you can play these songs with chords] on the barsuk label.
07:45 AM- battlefield band / my last farewell to stirling [stand easy] on the temple label.
07:44 AM- bob marley / war [rebel music] on the island label.
07:43 AM- valerio longoria / el canoero [los super seven] on the rca label.
07:36 AM- goa! / ah [s/t] on the robosapien label.
07:31 AM- soldier, david & vonnegut, kurt / Big Tyrant [ice-9 ballads] on the mulatta label.
07:27 AM- cornelius / point of view point [point] on the matador label.
07:25 AM- Clown down / Friends with Marine Life [Self Titled] on the The Sea Isle Recording Co. label.
07:23 AM- mountain goats / International Small arms Traffic Blues [tallahassee] on the 4ad / beggars group label.
07:17 AM- Bright Eyes / Loose Leaves [Ep] on the Saddle Creek label.
07:14 AM- Miles Davis / down [MIles Davis:Jazz Showcase] on the Prestige label.
07:13 AM- Elle Fitzgerald / Happy Blues [Blue Elle] on the Pablo label.
07:12 AM- Neutral Milk Hotel / IN the Aeroplane over the sea [In the Aeroplane over the sea] on the Matador label.