ktru playsheet


from Sun 03/14/2004 07:00:00 PM until Sun 03/14/2004 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:55 PM- peter brotzmann sextet / tell a green man [nipples] on the atavistic label.
09:41 PM- parker, evan / leipzip folly [the snake decides] on the psi label.
09:39 PM- rawlings, vic & mike bullock / as if the [fall of song] on the chloe label.
09:24 PM- bailey, derek & steve lacy / input #4 [outcome] on the potlach label.
09:17 PM- rudd, roswell / almost blue [broad strokes] on the knitting factory label.
09:10 PM- imai, kazuo / ephemera 22-3 [improvised music from japan disk 6] on the japan improv label.
09:03 PM- ellington, duke / the rictic [duke ellington meets coleman hawkins] on the impulse label.
08:54 PM- hamid drake & michael zerang duo / zikr of the heart [ask the sun] on the okkadisk label.
08:49 PM- ayler, albert / ghosts: first variation [spiritual unity] on the esp label.
08:42 PM- shepp, archie / cousin mary [four for trane] on the impulse label.
08:40 PM- holiday, billie / i cried for you [the quintessential billie holiday, vol.2] on the columbia label.
08:34 PM- fujii, satoko & paul bley / something about water [something about water] on the libra label.
08:28 PM- mitchell, roscoe / tnoona [quartet] on the sackville label.
08:18 PM- siewert, martin & martin brandlmayr / hold [too beautiful to burn] on the erstwhile label.
08:12 PM- cosmos / track 1 [split 2cd] on the f.m.n. sound factory label.
08:04 PM- dorner, axel / track 2 [trumpet] on the a bruit secret label.
08:01 PM- neumann, andrea & toshimaru nakamura / aton 2 [aton] on the rossbin label.
07:52 PM- jarman, joseph, don pullen, & don moye / hippy dippy [the magic triangle] on the black saint label.
07:42 PM- coltrane, john / welcome [ascension] on the black saint label.
07:38 PM- waters, patty / song of life with hush little baby [college tour] on the esp label.
07:25 PM- marilyn crispell trio / commodore [1992 american tour] on the music & arts label.
07:21 PM- minton, phil & roger turner / reasonable [drainage] on the emanem label.
07:16 PM- stabbins, larry / breathing [monadic] on the emanem label.
07:10 PM- taylor, cecil / rick kick shaw [jazz advance] on the blue note label.
07:02 PM- hill, andrew / siete ocho [judgment] on the blue note label.