ktru playsheet


from Tue 07/27/2004 01:00:00 AM until Tue 07/27/2004 03:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:54 AM- explosions in the sky / yasmin the light [those who tell the truth shall die, those who tell the truth shall live forever] on the temporary residence label.
02:50 AM- matmos / zock [the civil war] on the matador label.
02:46 AM- drop trio / invisible pants [big dipper] on the self-released label.
02:44 AM- brokeback / the suspension bridge [looks at the bird] on the thrill jockey label.
02:43 AM- storm and stress / untitled [storm and stress] on the touch and go label.
02:33 AM- will oldham / the risen lord [black/rich music] on the drag city label.
02:29 AM- jandek / take my will [glad to get away] on the corwood industries label.
02:27 AM- fatal flying guilloteens / shake it oh yeah? oh yeah! [get knifed] on the estrus label.
02:24 AM- starflyer 59 / blue collar love [silver] on the tooth & nail label.
02:21 AM- metalux / Airplane [waiting for armadillo] on the load label.
02:11 AM- ornette coleman / home grown [body meta] on the harmolodic label.
02:08 AM- orphins, the / Monochrome [drowning cupid] on the goodnight label.
02:05 AM- mahi mahi / he won't give up [he no wa] on the corleone label.
02:03 AM- Freddie Fender / Ya Me Voy (Ain't That a Shame) [Canciones de Mi Barrio] on the Arhoolie label.
02:00 AM- blackout beach / If I Were Not Alexander... [light flows the putrid down] on the soft abuse label.
01:58 AM- Cosmic Rays / Black Sky and Blue Moon [spaceship lullaby] on the label.
01:55 AM- Sarah Dougher / Must Believe [The Bluff] on the mr .lady label.
01:51 AM- Regal Dime / nothing's bad enough [shebonics] on the Already Gone Records label.
01:48 AM- Pucho + His Latin Soul Bros / Son Cubano [How'm I Doin] on the Cannonball Records label.
01:43 AM- Afghan Whigs / Conjure Me [Congregation] on the sub pop label.
01:38 AM- gordon, michael / Tinge [light is calling] on the nonesuch label.
01:34 AM- Stereolab / Tomorrow Is Already Here [Emperor Tomato Ketchup] on the Elektra label.
01:30 AM- Austin Lounge Lizards / Flatnose, the Tree-Climbing Dog [Employee of the Month] on the Sugar Hill label.
01:28 AM- superchunk / without blinking [foolish] on the merge label.
01:22 AM- Faust / Jennifer [Faust IV] on the Virgin label.
01:19 AM- new establishment in soul / Sissy Walk [midwest funk] on the jazzman label.
01:09 AM- toral, rafael / Amb [electric babyland] on the tomlab label.
01:07 AM- dirtbombs / Get It While You Can [dangerous magical noise] on the in the red label.
01:04 AM- Agent Orage / Police Wagon [Real Live Sound] on the Restless Records label.