ktru playsheet

allisond, JenessaS

from Fri 10/26/2001 07:00:00 AM until Fri 10/26/2001 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:01AM- faint / agenda suicide [danse macabre]

08:56AM- isotope 217 / pause [who stole the walkman?]

08:51AM- junior varsity km / you're fabulous! (minty cut mix [your fabulous]

08:50AM- apples in stereo / shine a light [tone soul evolution]

08:48AM- the jesus lizard / mistletoe [down]

08:45AM- le tigre / eau d' bedroom dancing [le tigre]
08:39AM- intonarumori / discus [intonarumori]

08:37AM- joy electronic / the golden age [old wives tales]

08:35AM- unun / dead & breakfast [super shiny dreams]

08:30AM- kid bailey / rowdy blues [screaming' and hollerin' the blues : the worlds of charlie patton sampler]

08:27AM- april march / garcon glacon [chrominance decoder]

08:26AM- aphex twin / film [come to daddy]
08:16AM- sad like crazy / came in broken [love songs to death]

08:12AM- duke ellington / jam a ditty [duke ellington: the great chicago concerts]

08:09AM- archer prewitt / you walk by [in the sun]

08:06AM- black dice / cold hands [cold hands]

08:00AM- liliput / on streets without names [s/t]

07:58AM- dizzy gillespie / jumpin' with symphony sid [complete RCA victor recordings]
07:53AM- orange peels / you're so clever [so far]

07:48AM- unwound / arboretum [new plastic ideas]

07:47AM- ernioe watts / sweet solitude [reaching up]

07:41AM- pansy division / wish i'd taken pictures [wish i'd taken pictures]

07:33AM- zedek, thalia / dance me to the end of love [been here and gone]

07:31AM- death cab for cutie / coney island [the photo album]

07:28AM- miranda july / bloodrace [10 million hours a mile]

07:25AM- the gits / it all dies anyway [frenching the bully]
07:21AM- girls against boys / kill the sexplayer [cruise yourself]

07:16AM- jenny toomey / Needmore, PA [antidote]

07:13AM- panic ear services / 6/4 [grand rapids]

07:10AM- tar babies / death of a star [death trip]

07:06AM- hideki, kato / your angry face [hope & despair]

07:04AM- lead Belly / Good morning blue #2 [bourgeois blues]