ktru playsheet

AndieS, MarkS

from Thu 10/30/2014 12:00:00 AM until Thu 10/30/2014 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:54 AM- mahjongg / the rrabbitt [raydoncong] on the cold crush label.
01:48 AM- daniel bachman / and now i am born to die [orange county serenade] on the bathetic label.
01:44 AM- enon / cruel [believo!] on the seethru broadcasting label.
01:36 AM- bob stewart connections / hand by hand [mind the gap] on the sunnyside communications label.
01:34 AM- caribou / the barn [marinoaudio] on the domino label.
01:27 AM- various artists / avaz of afshari [classical music of iran] on the smithsonian/folkway recordings label.
01:25 AM- rotten piece / piano sonata #1 [incarcerated dwarf heiress] on the fleece records label.
01:22 AM- jonathan richman / because her beauty is raw and wild [vapour] on the newbin label.
01:17 AM- kangaroo? / if she loves you [the red crayola and art & language] on the drag city label.
01:12 AM- luis campos / october of the mind\\ past due\\ outhouse blues\\scrutiny [poetry] on the new alliance label.
01:08 AM- cass mccombs / angel blood [big wheel and others] on the domino label.
01:03 AM- johnny katchhoolik / love & cheese [the seattle demo sessions] on the new bin label.
01:01 AM- the rondelles / pay attention [the fox] on the teenbeat records label.
12:54 AM- rabbi darkside / clotheslines (featuring homeboy sandman, illspokinn & mariella [prospect avenue] on the say word entertainment label.
12:47 AM- larry kucharz / elevator phantasy waltz [smphncs] on the international audiochrome label.
12:42 AM- ahmad jamal trio / music music music [but not for me] on the chess producing corp label.
12:36 AM- ahmad jamal trio / moonlight in vermont [but not for me] on the chess producing corp. label.
12:34 AM- therese aune / we will never be the ones [billowing shadows, flickering light] on the red eye transit label.
12:31 AM- volcano, i'm still excited! / joe jaxon [volcano, i'm still excited!] on the polyvinyl label.
12:29 AM- john bhengu / umakotshaha [secret museum of mankind (south africa)] on the yazoo label.
12:21 AM- ladytron / soft power [witching hour] on the rykodisc label.
12:17 AM- nima majd / ioniev [for my kindred avalanche] on the lithium (france) label.
12:13 AM- deerhoof / rainbow silhouette of the milky rain [milk man] on the kill rock stars label.
12:07 AM- boris / melody [noise] on the sargent house label.
12:05 AM- the dirty projectors & bjork / ocean [mount wittenburg orca] on the domino label.