ktru playsheet


from Wed 08/01/2007 11:03:00 PM until Wed 08/01/2007 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:03 AM- Red Snapper / Four Dead Monks [Red Snapper] on the Lo label.
12:58 AM- King Crimson / One Time [Vroom] on the Discipline label.
12:53 AM- Controlled Bleeding / The Oven Song [Core] on the Subterranean label.
12:44 AM- Decemberists / Mariner's Revenge Song (REQUEST) [Picaresque] on the Kill Rock Stars label.
12:41 AM- Death From Above 1979 / Turn It Out [You're a Woman, I'm a Machine] on the Last Gang label.
12:40 AM- Red Cross / PseudoIntellectual [V/A: Party or Go Home] on the Mystic Records label.
12:36 AM- shapes and sizes / The Long Indifference [split lips, winning hips, a shiner] on the asthmatic kitty label.
12:33 AM- Black Eyed Snakes / Foresight [Rise Up!] on the Chairkicker's Music label.
12:29 AM- menomena / Weird [friend and foe] on the barsuk label.
12:26 AM- Blackalicious / Powers [The Craft] on the Quannum label.
12:24 AM- Butthole Surfers / Butthole Surf Theme Song [V/A: Rat Music For Rat People] on the C.D. Presents label.
12:21 AM- twink / Peanut Butter Crunch [ice cream truckin] on the mulatta label.
12:16 AM- Kool Moe Dee / Go See the Doctor [V/A: History of Rap] on the Cold Front label.
12:09 AM- White Zombie / Drowning the Collossus [Soul-Crusher] on the Silent Explosion label.
12:07 AM- Man or Astroman ? / Deuces Wild [V/A: Think Link!] on the Drink n Drive label.
12:02 AM- Run DMC / King of Rock [V/A: History of Rap] on the Cold Front label.
11:58 PM- Nirvana / Do You Love Me? [V/A: Hard to Believe (KISS Covers)] on the C/Z Records label.
11:56 PM- Kraftwerk / The Robots [Man Machine] on the Capitol label.
11:47 PM- Neutral Milk Hotel / Naomi (REQUEST) [On Avery Island] on the Merge label.
11:43 PM- 120 Days / Suicide [Fast Money Music] on the Vice label.
11:41 PM- Bad Brains / With the Quickness [Quickness] on the Caroline label.
11:35 PM- Sometime Sweet Susan / 20,000 Volt Monster [Collide] on the 5th and National label.
11:29 PM- Joy Division / Atrocity Exhibition [Closer] on the Qwest label.
11:27 PM- Moldy Peaches / Who's Got the Crack? [the Moldy Peaches] on the Rough Trade label.
11:20 PM- Mogwai / Like Herod [Kicking a Dead Pig + Mogwai Fear Satan Remixes] on the Jetset label.
11:15 PM- Foetus / Vice Squad Dick [Vice Squad Dick EP] on the PCP Entertainment label.
11:09 PM- architect / catch the target [lower lip interface] on the hymen label.
11:09 PM- They Might Be Giants / Particle Man [Flood] on the Elektra label.
11:03 PM- Cookie Monster / Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco (for Amy) [V/A: Sesame Disco !] on the CTW Sesame Street Records label.