ktru playsheet


from Thu 06/11/2009 10:00:00 AM until Thu 06/11/2009 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:50 PM- the blow / the moon is there, i am here [bonus album] on the k label.
01:47 PM- lauten, elodie / prelude [the death of don juan] on the unseen worlds label.
01:45 PM- sainte chapelle / soon to fail [soon to fail] on the cardboard sangria records label.
01:40 PM- the hissy fits / doin' fine [letters from frank] on the topquality rock and roll label.
01:36 PM- cherry, don / complete communion [live at cafe montmartre 1966, volume three] on the esp-disk label.
01:33 PM- hungry ghosts / back for more i go [alone, alone] on the smells like records label.
01:30 PM- marimba mexicaine / al son de la marimba [marimbas du guatemala et du mexique] on the playa sound label.
01:26 PM- hey mercedes / let's go blue [every night fireworks] on the vagrant label.
01:19 PM- guitars / it's probably inevitable [white night white night] on the self-released label.
01:15 PM- boom bip / the unthinkable [seed to sun] on the lex records label.
01:12 PM- autumn in halifax / sleepwalkers [the soft, soft shakes] on the carbon label.
01:10 PM- thomas, peter sound orchestra / lancet bossa nova [futuremuzik] on the scamp label.
01:08 PM- bogner, ursula / expansion [recordings 1969-1988] on the faitiche label.
01:05 PM- sir richard bishop / skull of sidon [improvika] on the locust label.
01:02 PM- eaglesmith, fred / thinking [lipstick lies and gasoline] on the razor label.
01:00 PM- huma / feels like i'm walking [we are here for you] on the cult hero label.
12:51 PM- tar / building taj mahal [over and out] on the touch and go label.
12:51 PM- cosi, valerio / a new vipassana [heavy electronic pacific rock] on the digitalis label.
12:44 PM- teenage jesus and the jerks / orphans [everything] on the atavistic label.
12:42 PM- kaye, danny / i like old people, don't you? [mommy, gimme a drinka water] on the capitol records label.
12:38 PM- glass, philip / powaqqatsi [powaqqatsi] on the elektra nonesuch label.
12:36 PM- sybarite / mochi swt [music for a film] on the the temporary residence limited label.
12:29 PM- fernandez, agusti / secondo [un llamp que no s'acaba mai] on the psi label.
12:25 PM- blonde redhead / valentine [10 feet high b/w valentine] on the smells like records label.
12:17 PM- branch, billy and lurrie bell and the sons of blues / just a little bit [chicago's young blues generation] on the evidence label.
12:16 PM- eric's trip / behind the garage [love tara] on the sub pop label.
12:11 PM- connors, loren / chant 9 [the curse of midnight mary] on the family vineyard label.
12:10 PM- karl hendricks trio, the / some girls like cigarettes [some girls like cigarettes] on the merge label.
12:06 PM- eidikh ekaoeh / h noah mae [aoykianoy khaahdond] on the emi label.
11:58 AM- asha vida / stellar voices [eskimo summer] on the audrey's diary label.
11:56 AM- dino felipe / actipau [as film toby] on the schematic label.
11:52 AM- edwards, john / from the depths [volume] on the psi label.
11:50 AM- butthole surfers / hey [s/t] on the latino bugger veil label.
11:46 AM- gunn, steve / for the horse, etc. [sundowner] on the digitalis label.
11:42 AM- hella / song from uncle [chirpin hard] on the suicide squeeze label.
11:38 AM- okkervil river / for real [for real] on the jagjaguwar label.
11:34 AM- prurient / soft crack [black vase] on the load label.
11:33 AM- starlight mints / eyes of the night [drowaton] on the barsuk label.
11:26 AM- burning spear / try again [our music] on the burning music productions label.
11:21 AM- donelly, tanya / fallout [whiskey tango ghosts] on the 4ad label.
11:15 AM- ramamurthy, vittal & shankar, padma / varnam [violin duet - live concert] on the s/r label.
11:12 AM- spoon / the agony of laffitte [the agony of laffitte] on the saddle creek label.
11:10 AM- ghost mountain / just a kid [siamese sailboats] on the self released label.
11:08 AM- honeywell, peggy / honey for dinner [honey for dinner] on the galaxia label.
11:05 AM- clusone 3 / bilbao song [love henry] on the rykodisc label.
11:03 AM- eden / heads on the hearth [gateway to the mysteries] on the third mind label.
10:57 AM- graves, milford / nothing 5-7 [percussion ensemble] on the esp-disk label.
10:55 AM- dog faced hermans / the rain it raineth [humans fly/everything timebomb] on the loveletter label.
10:52 AM- novak, yann / untitled [in residence] on the dragons eye recording label.
10:47 AM- drop trio / washington's armies [leap] on the invisible dog music label.
10:43 AM- gossard, jason "shaggy" / yet another hippie poem [turtle soup for the lost soul] on the s/t label.
10:39 AM- high decibels, the / home run hitters [s/t] on the rolling jack label.
10:35 AM- mij / two stars [yodeling astrologer] on the esp-disk label.
10:32 AM- dressy bessy / hey may [s/t] on the kindercore label.
10:28 AM- rafaelito arias y su conjunto / maria morena [from the heart] on the corason label.
10:25 AM- elf power / come lie down with me [back to the web] on the rykodisc label.
10:18 AM- of / oolithic feelings [rocks will open] on the digitalis label.
10:17 AM- thirty ought six / indianapolis [bosozoku] on the candy-ass label.
10:14 AM- austin texas / heaven [conspiracy theory] on the good witch records label.
10:06 AM- barum kumar pal / alap & dhun [ragas on slide guitar] on the simla house label.
10:01 AM- tacks, the boy disaster / frozen feet [oh, beatrice] on the ark recordings label.