ktru playsheet


from Fri 10/24/2014 06:00:00 PM until Fri 10/24/2014 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:06 PM- flying lotus / tea leaf dancers [resett ep] on the warp records label.
08:05 PM- kurtis blow / the breaks [vol one true school lyrical lessons from the rap legends] on the cold front label.
08:04 PM- new plastic ideas / all souls day [unwound] on the ? label.
08:00 PM- jaylib / raw shit [champion sound] on the stones throw label.
07:55 PM- the rondells / please shut up [the fox] on the teenbeat records label.
07:50 PM- fat tony / sleepover [smart ass black boy] on the young one records label.
07:49 PM- the lee boys / tribute to calvin cooke [say yes!] on the arhoolie label.
07:43 PM- leels / precious time [s/t] on the ? label.
07:39 PM- phil krauth / rainy days [cold morning] on the teenbeat label.
07:38 PM- khan / les gros nichons [no comprendo] on the matador label.
07:33 PM- auguestus pablo / glory to the father [pablo and friends] on the ras records label.
07:32 PM- james kochalka superstar / beautiful christmas lights [monkey vs robot] on the tarquin records label.
07:23 PM- p funk allstars / pumpin it up [urban dancefloor guerillas] on the cbs records label.
07:22 PM- miles davis / solar [jazz showcase] on the prestige records label.
07:14 PM- ooioo / atatawa [gamel] on the thrill jockey label.
07:14 PM- baloji / nazongi ndako pt 1 [kinshasa succursale] on the crammed label.
07:03 PM- led bib / yes again [sensible shoes] on the cuneiforn label.
07:00 PM- audiosports / eat&buy&eat [era of glittering gas] on the access label.
06:57 PM- jerry lightfoot and the essentials / someone's doggin' my baby [burning desire] on the connor ray records label.
06:52 PM- jon cleary / everything i do gonh be funky [occapella!] on the fhq records label.
06:50 PM- jack white / lazaretto [lazaretto] on the third man label.
06:48 PM- mariachi vargas de tecatitlan / el mariachi [mexico's pioneer mariachis, vol. 3] on the arhoolie productions, inc. label.
06:46 PM- deep cuts / serpents [love grows] on the sugarhill studios label.
06:38 PM- nickodemus / la lluvia [sun people] on the esl music label.
06:36 PM- diverse / 747 (flyin) [one a.m/] on the chocolate industries label.
06:34 PM- sandblasters / body bag [space bar-b-q] on the mostly harmless music label.
06:29 PM- sugar minott / genuine dub [dance hall showcase vol. 2] on the wackies music label.
06:26 PM- henry butler, steve bernstein and the hot 9 / some iko [viper's drag] on the impulse label.
06:24 PM- rebecca oswald / the town mouse and the country mouse [aesop's fables] on the rebecca oswald label.
06:19 PM- cooper-more, abbs, taylor / the fox [triptych myth] on the hopscotch records label.
06:15 PM- shaw, eddie / can't stop now [can't stop now] on the delmark records label.
06:12 PM- ohmega watts / big fun [pieces of a dream] on the mellow orange label.
06:10 PM- bachman, daniel / little lady blues [orange county serenade] on the bathetic label.