ktru playsheet

Abi, MichaelK

from Wed 06/26/2002 11:05:00 PM until Thu 06/27/2002 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:54AM- muzak / lifes ugly moments...you can dance/sideshow-freakshow [in the studio? and live] on the ; lazy squid rekkids label.
12:43AM- nmperign / n n on n [Nmperign] on the Selektion label.

12:34AM- 25 suaves / let there be rock/dance enforcement [25 suaves/oneida split lp] on the bulb label.

12:32AM- nancy hlad / sweet sixteen polka [deeper polka] on the smithsonian folkways label.

12:28AM- oneida / business in japan [25 suaves/oneida split lp] on the bulb label.

12:20AM- zeni geva / i hate you [total castration] on the public bath label.

12:16AM- dislocation-empty / on the move [noise forest] on the soleil label.

12:15AM- barton brothers / joe and paul commercial/joe and paul [music from the yiddish radio project] on the shanachie label.

12:03AM- the dishes / the dishes [girl with glasses] on the underwhere? records label.
12:02AM- christian marclay / second coming [records 1981- 1989] on the suisa label.

11:56PM- negativland / second coming [knitting on the roof] on the knitting factory records label.

11:54PM- massmurder media / sadie why don't we do it? [innagadda velveeta] on the self-released label.

11:46PM- the bran flakes / turn the channel its another commercial [commercial ad hoc] on the illegal art label.

11:38PM- john oswald / btls/power [plunderphonics] on the seelard label.

11:33PM- nicols, maggie/kraabel, caroline/hug, charlotte / no now [transitions ] on the emanem label.
11:27PM- smith, ian / daybreak [daybreak] on the emanem label.

11:25PM- old time relijun / dagger [uterus & fire] on the k label.

11:25PM- mark amerika / net:speak [phon:e:me] on the alt-x online network label.

11:19PM- the ex / people again [too many cowboys] on the fist label.

11:17PM- lord invader / yankee dollar [calypso in new york] on the smithsonian folkways label.

11:13PM- cornelius / count five or six [fantasma] on the matadork label.

11:09PM- patty waters / song of clifford [college tour] on the esp label.

11:08PM- alan licht / remington khan (excerpt) [plays well] on the crank automotive label.