ktru playsheet


from Sat 03/15/2003 01:00:00 PM until Sat 03/15/2003 03:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:20 PM- john zorn / cobra: live version [cobra: live version] on the hat now series label.
03:57 PM- magnus lindberg / aura, performed by bbc symphony orchestra [aura / engine] on the deutsche grammophon label.
03:27 PM- gyorgy kurtag / messages of the late miss r v troussova, op 17 [kurtag: song cycles] on the sony classical label.
03:14 PM- paul shwartz and mario grisgorov / secret tear [aria] on the astor place label.
03:12 PM- rich o'donnell / zuggerbop [fire & ice: the music] on the d'or music label.
02:14 PM- bang on a can / in c [terry riley in c] on the cantaloupe music label.
01:59 PM- xenakis ensemble / epicycles [live] on the bvhaast label.
01:41 PM- galina ustvolskaya / composition no 1 - dona nobis pacem [galina ustvolskaya - marianne schoreder / rohan de saram / david leclair / felix renggli] on the hat now series label.
01:31 PM- carl stone / chao nue [mom's] on the new albion label.
01:20 PM- john cage / she is asleep [quatuor helios] on the wergo label.
01:04 PM- grassi, pierre jean / contrastres [prelude / piece symphonique / trois esquisses / contrastes] on the solstice label.