ktru playsheet


from Sun 07/24/2011 08:00:00 PM until Sun 07/24/2011 10:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

09:56 PM- lush / de-luxe [gala] on the 4AD label.
09:52 PM- 800beloved / colours [bouquet] on the mood gadget label.
09:47 PM- ulrich schnauss / ships will sail [split 7 inch] on the . label.
09:43 PM- whirl / ghost [distressor ep] on the self released label.
09:38 PM- slowdive / avalyn 1 [12 inch] on the creation label.
09:31 PM- screen vinyl image / the midnight sun [the midnight sun ep] on the safranin label.
09:27 PM- drowner / chime [drowner ep] on the self released label.
09:21 PM- the voices / evermore [self titled] on the my kung fu label.
09:14 PM- presents for sally / smell your scent [a touch of joy a touch of sadness] on the laser ghost recordings label.
09:10 PM- the rain parade / this can't be today [emergency third rail power] on the enigma label.
09:05 PM- ride / polar bear [nowhere] on the creation label.
09:03 PM- deerhunter / don't cry [halcyon digest] on the 4AD label.
08:59 PM- fleeting joys / cloudlike mercury [occult radiance] on the only forever label.
08:51 PM- violens / it couldn't be perceived [amoral] on the static revival label.
08:44 PM- emeralds / does it look like i'm here? [does it look like i'm here?] on the editions mego label.
08:43 PM- bell hollow / secret key [sons of burgess shale ep] on the five 03 label.
08:34 PM- belong / who told you this room exists? [october language] on the carpark label.
08:29 PM- jesu / birth day [ascension] on the caldo verde label.
08:25 PM- blonde redhead / will there be stars? [penny sparkle] on the 4AD label.
08:22 PM- wild nothing / live in dreams [gemini] on the captured tracks label.
08:16 PM- a.r. kane / the sun falls into the sea [69] on the rough trade label.
08:11 PM- bloody knives / i'll never leave you alone [disappear ep] on the killredrocket records label.
08:07 PM- cocteau twins / wax and wane [garlands] on the 4AD label.
08:02 PM- a place to bury strangers / ego death [exploding head] on the mute label.
07:59 PM- the horrors / you said [skying] on the xl records label.