ktru playsheet

genetic memory

from Mon 07/01/2013 10:00:00 PM until Tue 07/02/2013 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:58 AM- no trend / reality breakdown [too many humans] on the no trend label.
12:54 AM- Kumo To Hae (Spider and Fly) / Bottom of the Night [Tokyo Flashback 3 - P.S.F. Psychedelic Sampler] on the P.S.F. Records label.
12:48 AM- Snowglobe / Big City Lights [Our Land Brains] on the Bardot Records label.
12:43 AM- Throbbing Gristles / Hamburger Lady [Greatest Hits] on the Mute Records label.
12:37 AM- Sikhara Anduni / Morning Star [Anduni] on the Urkh Records label.
12:34 AM- Smegma / The Boss [The Mad Excitement, The Barbaric Pulsations, The Incomparable Rhythms of...] on the Tim Kerr Records label.
12:28 AM- Elliot Sharp / Geometry [Monster Curve] on the SST Records label.
12:25 AM- Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori, DJ Olive / Stuck on Gum [SYR5] on the SYR label.
12:16 AM- Guy Lohnes, Kazuyuki K. Null / Vicious Circle [Guitar Organism] on the Charnel Music label.
12:12 AM- Black Dice / Gore [Noise Room] on the Sonig Records label.
12:10 AM- Omoide Hatoba / Rock'n Roll Fantasia [Kinsei] on the Birdman Records label.
11:53 PM- fennesz, o'rourke and rehberg / a viennese tragedy [the return of fenn o'berg] on the mego label.
11:51 PM- the fall / win fall c.d. 2080 [i am kurious oranj] on the beggars banquet label.
11:44 PM- psychic tv / infinite beat [towards thee infinite beat] on the wax trax records label.
11:39 PM- ike yard / ncr [1980-1982 collected] on the acute records label.
11:33 PM- merzbow / 1930 [1930] on the tzadik label.
11:27 PM- einsturzende neubauten / kangolicht [strategies against architecture II] on the mute label.
11:23 PM- painkiller / guts of a virgin [collected works] on the tzadik label.
11:20 PM- sissy spacek / dash (side b) [dash/anti-clockwise] on the gilgongo label.
11:16 PM- sun city girls / philly soul lao [high asia and lo pacific] on the abduction label.
11:14 PM- material / four [improvised music ny 1981] on the muworks records label.
11:10 PM- Ene / Paulie's Theme [Eerie Bazaar] on the Eerie materials label.
11:06 PM- Ai Yamamato / Dreaming of swimming in green emerald water [Melatonin: Meditations on Sound in Sleep] on the room40 Records label.
11:00 PM- The Vampire's Sound Incorporation / The Lions and the Cucumber [The Exotic Moog of Space Age Bachelor Pad Music] on the Mom n' Dad Records label.
10:55 PM- Nocturnal Emission / xii [Sunspot Activity] on the Soleilmoon label.
10:50 PM- Boredoms / Thalidomide Car [Bad Sun Rising] on the NippGuitar label.
10:42 PM- Lee Ranaldo / Fuzz locusts/To Mary *2/Lathe Speaks [Esat Jesus Some Recordings 1981-1991] on the Atavistic Records label.
10:37 PM- matsuo ohno / part-1: a brief tour of the solar system and interplanetary space [i saw the outer limits] on the em records label.
10:34 PM- minny pops / springtime II [drastic measures, drastic movement] on the ltm label.
10:29 PM- boyd rice/non / untitled 1 [terra incognita: ambient works 1975-present] on the mute label.
10:24 PM- rudis/custodio/diaz-infante / three [crashing the russian renaissance] on the pax recordings label.
10:20 PM- the lounge lizards / you haunt me [the lounge lizards] on the eg records label.
10:13 PM- acid mothers temple and the melting paraiso u.f.o. / interplanetary love [have you seen the other side of the sky?] on the ace fu label.
10:05 PM- the residents / a spirit steals a child/the festival of death [eskimo] on the ralph records label.
10:02 PM- cora/frith/zorn / casey r. [hallelujah, anyway: remebering tom cora] on the tzadik label.