ktru playsheet


from Tue 04/17/2001 11:05:00 AM until Tue 04/17/2001 01:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

12:55PM- macha/bedhead / never underdose [macha loved bedhead]

12:53PM- velocity girl / pretty sister [copacetic]

12:52PM- drums & tuba / lots of luc [the flying ballerina]

12:39PM- brokeback / lives of the rhythm experts [morse code in the modern age: across the americas]

12:36PM- spoon / Everything hits at once [girls can tell]

12:33PM- Pansy Division / Headbanger [More Lovin From Our oven]

12:32PM- cau / kama sutra [Kraut Demon Kraut]

12:28PM- low / july [things we left in the fire]

12:18PM- Malkmus / the hook [Server error: Entry not found in index]

12:11PM- Unrest / Hydro [Cath Carroll]

12:11PM- Jim O'Rourke / Not Sport Martial Art [Halfway to a Threeway]

12:08PM- Marty Stuart / Blue Train [Freight Train Blues]

11:56AM- versus / noogie [let's electrify]

11:52AM- fuck / someday aisle [cupid's cactus]

11:43AM- june of 44 / five bucks in my pocket [anahata]

11:43AM- polvo / fast canoe [Exploded Drawing]

11:40AM- couch / Alle auf Pause [profane]

11:39AM- pavement / stereo [brighten the corners]

11:37AM- trans am / play in the summer [red line]

11:33AM- tortoise / seneca [standards]

11:26AM- David Grubbs / Banana Cabbage [Banana Cabage]

11:21AM- queers / I'm the Boy for You [today]

11:11AM- Rex / High School Dance Hit [Waltz]

11:10AM- Ui / Johnny [Sidelong]

11:10AM- unwound / Descension [The future of What]