ktru playsheet

AndrewH, EllenC

from Wed 04/25/2001 04:00:00 AM until Wed 04/25/2001 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]
06:56AM- aluminum group / pussycat [pelo]

06:53AM- eugene chadbourne and jimmy carl black / sure 'nuff [pachuco cadaver]

06:47AM- the ex / shore thing [mudbird shivers]

06:44AM- languis / self-absorbed [unthematic]

06:40AM- jah warrior / herbsman anthem [hi-fidelity dub sessions: the second chapter]
06:34AM- jon spencer blues explosion / son of sam [son of sam 7"]

06:30AM- the adjusters / loose roots [before the revolution]

06:26AM- karp / bacon industry [yo yo a go go 1997 (compliation)]

06:24AM- southern culture on the skids / daddy was a preacher mama was a go go girl [for lovers only]

06:20AM- death cab for cutie / for what reason [we have the facts and we're voting yes]

06:14AM- leonard cohen / suzanne [the best of leonard cohen]

06:13AM- dub narcotic sound system / baseness [out of your mind]

06:08AM- arab strap / the devil tips [the red thread]

06:08AM- old time relijun / jail [uterus and fire]
06:00AM- abbc / mobile home [tete a tete]

05:54AM- couch / camaro [fantasy]

05:49AM- bongo logic / despierta! [despierta! wake up!]

05:42AM- john coltrane and johnny hartman / you are too beautiful [s/t]

05:40AM- brave combo / denton, texas [the process]

05:37AM- silver scooter / on the mark [the blue law]

05:33AM- cat power / moonshiner [moon pix]
05:27AM- califone / st martha let it fold [calfone]

05:22AM- motherfucker 666 / dead flowers [she's out of the scene 7"]

05:19AM- fairgrove / country fair [in defense of the inexperienced]

05:18AM- the 5 6 7 8s / cat fight run [s/t 7"]

05:16AM- bright eyes / something vague [fevers and mirrors]

05:09AM- caustic resin / cable [the midicine is all gone]

05:08AM- genbaku onanies / dead or alive [forward command post ep 7"]

05:06AM- halo benders / don't touchmy bikini [god don't make no junk]
04:59AM- wailing souls / trouble no more [live on]

04:55AM- paul jones / hard way to go [pucker up buttercup]

04:51AM- keiji haino loren mazza / track 2 [volume two]

04:46AM- miss murgatroid and petra haden / bella neurox [bella neurox]

04:41AM- dj me dj you / because [rainbows and robots]

04:38AM- drillboxignition / dynamite crown [soundtrack for a lifetime]

04:33AM- silkworm / waiting on a train [developer]
04:28AM- nikoletta mazaraki / Halali Ine O Erotas (blessed is love) [The Dance of Heaven's Ghost]

04:24AM- sebadoh / mystery man [bakesale]

04:20AM- fisk, steve / where's the fire [999 levels of undo]

04:16AM- phelps, joel + downer trio / our mother the mountain [inland empires]

04:12AM- the make-up / gospel 2000 [affter dark]

04:08AM- poster children / thinner, stronger [some 7"]

04:03AM- white papers / walk me up the beach [self-titled]

04:01AM- welcome / theft theme [sun as night light]