ktru playsheet


from Tue 12/28/2004 06:00:00 PM until Tue 12/28/2004 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:56 PM- dave burrell full blown trio / coup d'etat [expansion] on the high two label.
07:53 PM- rev. horton heat / rumble strip [revival] on the yep roc label.
07:49 PM- love battery / dayglo [dayglo] on the sub pop label.
07:47 PM- big bad bollocks / leaving liverpool [hanged at gibbet rock] on the jama label.
07:44 PM- big ass truck / chicken bucket [s/t] on the inbred label.
07:41 PM- flaco jimenez / mentiste cuando dijiste ["Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio"] on the arhoolie label.
07:40 PM- free radicals / allen parkway village [our lady of eternal sunny delights] on the rastaman work ethic label.
07:31 PM- brodsky, chuck / seven miles upwind [color came one day] on the waterbug label.
07:28 PM- the beat farmers / are you drinking with me jesus [viking lullabys] on the sector 2 label.
07:28 PM- black keys, the / keep me [rubber factory] on the fat possum label.
07:25 PM- the burning flames / I'm on fire [dig] on the label.
07:19 PM- this is a process of a still life / the thing we learned about neptune [s/t] on the label.
07:18 PM- steve fisk / taxman [over and thru the night] on the k label.
07:13 PM- zen guerilla / smoke rings [shadows on the sun] on the sub pop label.
07:10 PM- zipgun / long hot kiss [baltimore] on the empty records label.
07:09 PM- roy davis jr (playlist) / water for thirsty children [water for thirsty children] on the nice and smooth label.
07:06 PM- barkmarket / feed me [L Ron] on the american label.
07:04 PM- national razor / potter's field [shiver] on the label.
07:03 PM- the foibles / drain and fly [too much gas] on the label.
06:54 PM- blevin blectum / rommelpotted [magic maple] on the praemedia label.
06:50 PM- asha bhosle / teri meri yaari badi purani [the rough guide to bollywood legends: asha bhosle] on the world music network label.
06:47 PM- brundel, seth p / absolute power [devil's pawn] on the aesthetics label.
06:47 PM- ovo / signora bella con cane gentile [cicatrici] on the ebrai/sunship label.
06:41 PM- dosh / I Think I'm getting married [pure trash] on the anticon label.
06:37 PM- interpol / slow hands [antics] on the matador label.
06:34 PM- the flesh / love your fate [s/t] on the gern blandsten label.
06:32 PM- patrick j toohey / the steampacket [wheels of the world - comp] on the
yazoo label.
06:31 PM- rusted shut / disease of the spirit [rehab] on the emperor jones label.
06:31 PM- might imperials, the featuring joseph henry / jody's walk [thunder chicken] on the daptone label.
06:26 PM- flamin' groovies / teenage head [teenage head] on the label.
06:16 PM- tin men / cocaine habit blues [super great music] on the label.
06:12 PM- national soul review (playlist) / get me back on time, engine #9 [superfunk vol. 4] on the bgp label.
06:11 PM- hammerhead / something I learned today [du huskers (comp)] on the synapse label.
06:10 PM- weird war / grass [weird war] on the label.