ktru playsheet


from Sun 03/27/2011 10:00:00 PM until Sun 03/27/2011 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:56 PM- brighter / frostbite [laurel] on the sarah label.
10:52 PM- blonde redhead / will there be stars [penny sparkle] on the 4ad label.
10:48 PM- the consolation prize / fear [cutting the strings] on the s/r label.
10:43 PM- violens / it couldn't be perceived [amoral] on the static recital label.
10:38 PM- sway / what i didn't get to say [this was tomorrow] on the self released label.
10:33 PM- keith canisius / the beach house [this time it's our high] on the darla label.
10:24 PM- chapterhouse / satin safe [sunburst ep] on the . label.
10:21 PM- bloody knives / let me out [single] on the killredrocket records label.
10:17 PM- catherine wheel / flower to hide [ferment] on the fontana label.
10:14 PM- screen vinyl image / too much speed [single] on the custom made music label.
10:09 PM- the rain parade / kaleidoscope [emergency third rail power] on the enigma label.
10:05 PM- Ceremony / Not Tonight [Not Tonight EP] on the custom made music label.
10:01 PM- Astrobrite / Sweettart [8 Candy EP] on the sonic syrup label.