ktru playsheet


from Fri 11/23/2001 07:00:00 AM until Fri 11/23/2001 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

08:57AM- lead belly / duncan and brady [where did you go last night?]

08:55AM- little red car wreck / rip up the carpet [projector]

08:54AM- frost, edith / cars and parties [wonder wonder]

08:47AM- kissing book / on the third time [lines and color]

08:45AM- microphones, the / the mansion [the glow]

08:44AM- fugu / au depart [fugu 1]

08:43AM- slepcy / details II [and again]

08:35AM- gary moore / love that burns [blues for greeny]

08:30AM- zedek, thalia / dance me to the end of love [been here and gone]
08:17AM- dj spooky / peace in zaire [riddim warfare]

08:15AM- v/a- / she attempts to say the "word" [motorlab #2]

08:09AM- iqu / cant you even remember that? [projector]
08:00AM- lois / return (your turn) [strumpet]

07:59AM- bizar sex trio / the careless use of knives` [the careless use of knives]

07:51AM- gold sparkle band / splintered synapse [nu soul zodiac]

07:50AM- badtownn boys / im gonna take your life [penniless in paridise]

07:49AM- john zorn / peliyot [beit]

07:47AM- air / dont be light [10000 Hz legend]

07:34AM- sad like crazy / hallowed haze [love songs to death]

07:34AM- aphix twin / heliospan [selescted ambient works]
07:26AM- v/a / that's my weakness now [legends of ukulele]

07:25AM- ez pour spout / walk on by [don't shave the feeling]

07:21AM- jessica baliff / crush [hour of the trace]

07:09AM- half japanese / mississippi [hello]

07:08AM- jenny toomey / artful dodger [antidote]