ktru playsheet


from Wed 08/15/2007 11:06:00 PM until Wed 08/15/2007 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:40 AM- Skinny Puppy / Dogshit [The Singles Collection] on the Nettwerk label.
12:38 AM- U Can Unlearn Guitar / She Don't Know About Art [No Strings] on the Yelpco label.
12:30 AM- Pigface / Tapeworm/ The Bushmaster [Gub] on the Invisible label.
12:24 AM- Ween / Take Me Away [Chocolate and Cheese] on the Elektra label.
12:21 AM- Dead Kennedys / Triumph of the Swill [Bedtime for Democracy] on the Alternative Tentacles label.
12:15 AM- Iggy Pop / T.V. Eye [T.V. Eye (Live)] on the RCA label.
12:10 AM- Pig / Shit for Brains [A Poke In the Eye... With A Sharp Stick] on the Wax Trax! label.
12:07 AM- They Might Be Giants / Your Racist Friend [Flood] on the Elektra label.
12:06 AM- Dillinger Escape Plan / Sandbox Magician [Under the Running Board] on the Relapse label.
12:01 AM- Birthday Party / Nick the Stripper [Prayers On Fire] on the 4AD label.
11:59 PM- Revolting Cocks / Physical (Let's Get) [Physical 12"] on the Wax Trax! label.
11:51 PM- MC 900 Foot Jesus / Truth Is Out of Style (Radio Edit) [Truth Is Out of Style 12"] on the Nettwerk label.
11:47 PM- Tom Waits / Chocolate Jesus [Mule Variations] on the Anti label.
11:43 PM- Black Math Experiment / Evil Wizard Jesus [Lost Transmission from the Blue Room] on the No label.
11:40 PM- parts and labor / Brighter Days [mapmaker] on the jagjaguwar/brah label.
11:33 PM- King Crimson / Exiles [Lark's Tongue In Aspic] on the Atlantic label.
11:30 PM- Advantage / Batman- Stage 1 [Elf Titled] on the 5RC label.
11:27 PM- The Dimes / Delila (REQUEST) [The Dimes] on the Jasper label.
11:19 PM- Fantastic Plastic Machine / You Must Learn All Night Long [Luxury] on the Emperor Norton label.
11:16 PM- rafter / unassailable [music for total chickens] on the asthmatic kitty records label.
11:12 PM- Death From Above 1979 / Romantic Rights [You're A Woman, I'm a Machine] on the Last Gang label.
11:11 PM- Dinosaur Jr / Just Like Heaven [You're Living All Over Me] on the Merge label.
11:08 PM- Blackalicious / Blazing Arrow [Blazing Arrow] on the Quannum label.