ktru playsheet


from Wed 12/02/2015 03:00:00 PM until Wed 12/02/2015 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:52 PM- dirty three / authentic celestial music [ocean songs] on the touch & go label.
04:49 PM- !!! / every little bit counts [as if] on the warp label.
04:45 PM- log / my evil friend [my evil friend ep] on the anyway label.
04:40 PM- karate cowgirl / deal me in [karate cowgirl] on the s/r label.
04:35 PM- dma's / delete [dma's] on the mom pop label.
04:32 PM- jens lekman / if you ever need a stranger (to sing at your wedding) [when i said i wanted to be your dog] on the secretly canadian label.
04:29 PM- the weaks / nevermind [bad year] on the lame-o records label.
04:25 PM- the lions / this generation [a sampler] on the stones throw label.
04:19 PM- painted caves / the ocean [s/t] on the primitive records label.
04:16 PM- johnny cash / country boy [unchained] on the american recordings label.
04:13 PM- laptop / the new you [the old me vs the new you] on the trust me records label.
04:10 PM- deerhoof / milking [milk man] on the kill rock stars / 5 rue christine label.
04:04 PM- hop along / sister cities [painted shut] on the saddle creek label.
04:03 PM- eat skull / puker corpse [sick to death] on the siltbreeze label.
03:55 PM- dry the river / lion's den [shallow bed] on the rca records label.
03:53 PM- devin davis / paratrooper with amnesia [lonely people of the world, unite!] on the mousse label.
03:49 PM- joanna newsom / leaving the city [divers] on the drag city label.
03:46 PM- lilys / tone bender [in the presence of nothing] on the slumberland label.
03:42 PM- country gentlemen, the / poor ellen smith [on the road] on the smithsonian folkways label.
03:41 PM- mcculloch, ian / playgrounds and city parks [slideling] on the cooking vinyl/spin art label.
03:33 PM- rollercoasterwater / glideboy 64 [dripping retina] on the self-released (charles behring) label.
03:29 PM- eleni mandell / i've been fooled [afternoon] on the zedtone label.
03:23 PM- sakesho / izo's mood [we want you to say...] on the heads up label.
03:20 PM- experimental dental school / the deer loves heavy metal [hideous dance attack] on the load label.
03:16 PM- guitar shorty / texas women [bare knuckle] on the alligator records label.
03:12 PM- doldrums / we awake [the air conditioned nightmare] on the sub pop label.
03:09 PM- woods / suffering season [at echo lake] on the woodsist label.
03:05 PM- skeleton key / the needle never ends [fantastic spikes through balloon] on the capitol records label.
03:02 PM- dirtbombs, the / it's not fun until they see you cry [we have you surrounded] on the in the red label.
02:58 PM- the black ryder / until the calm of dawn [the door behind the door] on the the anti-machine machine label.