ktru playsheet

NancyN, Hk
genetic memory

from Mon 04/11/2011 10:00:00 PM until Mon 04/11/2011 01:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

12:53 AM- carol anne mcgowan / old time radio song [songs from the cellar] on the apollolaan label.
12:48 AM- john fahey / charles a lee: in memoriam [the yellow princess] on the vanguard label.
12:46 AM- sindre bjerga / nowhereandnowhereelse [nowhereandnowhereelse] on the sonic oyster label.
12:44 AM- burzum / til hel og tilbake igjen [fallen] on the byelobog label.
12:40 AM- clutter / 12th january 1831 [live at the bombed out church] on the sonic oyster label.
12:33 AM- mz 412 / in hoc signo vinces [nordik battle signs] on the cold spring label.
12:30 AM- fabio orsi / loipe2 [wo ist behle?] on the boring machines label.
12:24 AM- coil / broken aura [emre (dark matter)] on the source research label.
12:17 AM- z'ev and stephen o'malley / 6m 7s from 36s from 6m 53s - 7m 27s [magistral] on the southern lord label.
12:16 AM- current 93 / pomegranate [honeysuckle aeons] on the coptic cat label.
12:03 AM- blake carrington / scan 04: not luebeck_x [cathedral scan] on the dragon's eye label.
12:02 AM- anne-james chaton / evenement no. 27 [evenements 09] on the raster-noton label.
12:00 AM- rene hell / lighthouse marvel [the terminal symphony] on the type label.
11:51 PM- twilight / fall behind eternity [monument to time end] on the southern lord label.
11:39 PM- lull / closed in [collected] on the manifold label.
11:30 PM- source research + leif elggren / fear (the scuffle of angels) [emre (dark matter)] on the source research label.
11:05 PM- maeror tri / light float [ambient dreams] on the beta-lactam ring label.
11:04 PM- fabric / light float [a sort of radiance] on the editions mego label.
11:03 PM- edward ka-spel / here comes the night [pieces of infinity] on the beta-lactam ring label.
11:03 PM- steve roach and brian parnham / serpent gulch [the desert inbetween] on the projekt label.
10:59 PM- lily greenham / seascape [lingual music] on the paradigm label.
10:57 PM- k11 / pietro riparbelli & philippe petit / chapter 3: doppelganger presence [the haunting triptych] on the boring machines label.
10:54 PM- jean c. roche & jean thevenet / martinique, january 1969 [cicadas & crickets] on the sittelle label.
10:53 PM- paul de vree / kleine caroli [henri chopin's revue ou] on the alga marghen label.
10:51j PM- parashi / a surrender [troika] on the stunned label.
10:49 PM- demons / tropical depression [in between] on the aa label.
10:47 PM- innercity / untitled [last year of obsolete reality] on the amnesia agency label.
10:43 PM- michel chion, lionel marchetti & jerome noetinger / i'm dracula [les 120 jours] on the fringes label.
10:41 PM- kahondo style / peach boy [green tea and crocodiles] on the nato label.
10:40 PM- m. holterbach & julia eckhardt / two stasis made out of electricity [do-undo (in g maze)] on the helen scarsdale agency label.
10:37 PM- akemi ishijima / time drops [time drops] on the paradigm label.
10:34 PM- ariel kalma / le temps des moissons [le temps des moissons] on the beta-lactum ring label.
10:27 PM- christina carter / a blind eye [texas blues working] on the blackest rainbow label.
10:23 PM- brume & artificial memory trace / faction #3 [1st encounter] on the alien8 label.
10:21 PM- conrad schnitzler & wolfgang seidel / espana [consequenz ii] on the captain trip label.
10:18 PM- asmus tietchens / weiter night [aus freude am elend] on the dom/die stadt label.
10:16 PM- the compass rose / the plough horse [the plough horse] on the ekhein label.
10:14 PM- susan matthews / mbox2 [temporal echoes] on the sirenwire label.
10:11 PM- derek rogers / signal space 1 [triagonals] on the ruralfaune synth series label.
10:09 PM- stewart walden / mmmmorning [agdam compilation] on the agdam label.
10:08 PM- leonard emmanuel / hoot owl fight / mocking a fox / a cornered 'coon [hollerin'] on the rounder label.
10:05 PM- chora / glasgeblase [the wax wheel] on the zero jardins label.
10:03 PM- smegma / mirage [mirage] on the important label.