ktru playsheet


from Mon 03/07/2011 01:00:00 AM until Mon 03/07/2011 03:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:03 AM- converter / blast furnace [blast furnace] on the topaz label.
03:00 AM- arp / silver clouds [the soft wave] on the smalltown supersound label.
02:52 AM- valerio cosi / proud (to be kraut)/ a burning om: reprise [heavy electronic pacific rock] on the digitalis label.
02:46 AM- ulaan khol / untitled 07 [ii] on the soft abuse label.
02:41 AM- erkki kurenniemi / improvisaatio [aanityksia/recordings 1963-1973] on the love label.
02:35 AM- pigeons / lil deb's debris [liasons] on the soft abuse label.
02:31 AM- altar eagle / pour your dark heart out [mechanical gardens] on the type label.
02:24 AM- terminal11 / you do look messy [tigerbeat6 paws across america] on the tigerbeat6 label.
02:19 AM- savath and savalas / estrella de dos caras [golden pollen] on the anti label.
02:15 AM- grinderman / palaces of montezuma [grinderman 2] on the anti- label.
02:13 AM- ernst schultz / 10 finger blind [cloud cuckoo land] on the finders keepers label.
02:03 AM- barn owl / oakland invocation [from our mouths a perpetual light] on the not not fun label.
01:57 AM- wayside drive / i will rise above the world [words] on the s/r label.
01:53 AM- afro-soultet / afro revolt [afrodesia] on the luv n' haight label.
01:47 AM- nicola conte / dossier omega [bossa per due] on the eighteenth street lounge music label.
01:41 AM- eleanor hovda / glosses/glacier [coastal traces] on the o0 label.
01:36 AM- michael doucet / isabeau se promene [beau solo] on the arhoolie label.
01:34 AM- canray fontenot / les plats sont tous mis sur la table [louisiana hot sauce, creole style] on the arhoolie label.
01:27 AM- club 8 / dancing with the mentally ill [the people's record] on the labrador label.
01:21 AM- magic lantern / cypress [platoon] on the not not fun label.
01:18 AM- rv paintings / round-a-bout bench on a cold, foggy day [samoa highway] on the helen scarsdale agency label.
01:14 AM- city center / summer school [s/t] on the type label.
01:09 AM- clouddead / pop song [ten] on the mush label.
01:04 AM- ninca leece / funny symphony [there is no one else when i lay down and dream] on the bureau label.