ktru playsheet

AdamB, LizP

from Thu 02/09/2006 01:01:00 AM until Thu 02/09/2006 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:37 AM- glass, phillip / music in fifths [two pages] on the elektra label.
03:32 AM- toure, ali farka with cooder, ry / sega [talking timbuktu] on the world circuit label.
03:31 AM- sinead o'connor / curly locks [throw down your arms] on the chocolate and vanilla label.
03:24 AM- treasure mammal / phenotype [expect the max] on the self-released label.
03:06 AM- fela anikupalo kuti / go slow [music is the weapon of the future] on the exworks label.
02:59 AM- husker du / don't want to know if you are lonely [candy apple grey] on the warner bros label.
02:57 AM- dinosaur jr / in a jar [fossils] on the sst label.
02:56 AM- firehose / what gets heard [live totem pole ep] on the columbia label.
02:50 AM- j. mascis and the fog / cyborg kids [i love guitar wolf] on the narnack label.
02:45 AM- cerberus shoal / the land we all believe in [the land we all believe in] on the north east indie label.
02:44 AM- duke ellington / jam with sam [the 1952 seattle concert] on the rca label.
02:38 AM- avalanches / frontier psychiatrist [since i left you] on the modular label.
02:37 AM- handsome boy modeling school / holy calamity [so how's your girl] on the tommy boy label.
02:27 AM- mix master mike / bangzilla [bangzilla] on the scratch records label.
02:21 AM- zeek sheck / hotel california [hot lines for the children] on the skin graft records label.
02:20 AM- le tigre / get off the internet [from the desk of mr. lady] on the mr. lady records label.
02:15 AM- hella / leaving the arena of anthropology [church gone wild / chirpin hard] on the suicide squeeze records label.
02:14 AM- david bowie / fantastic voyage [lodger] on the rca label.
02:12 AM- cabaret voltaire / why kill time (when you can kill yourself) [crackdown] on the virgin label.
02:06 AM- varttina / uskottu ei uupuvani [vihma] on the wicklow records label.
02:01 AM- blind willie johnson / dark was the night - cold was the ground [the complete ...] on the columbia label.
01:50 AM- new constitution, the / so i walked into the earthbar [on 4] on the audello label.
01:49 AM- japanther / the whales [yer living grave] on the menlo park label.
01:44 AM- delta 5 / try [singles and sessions 1979-1981] on the kill rock stars label.
01:41 AM- dennis brown presents prince jammy / general version [rough guide to dub] on the world music network label.
01:36 AM- blackalicious / automatique [the craft] on the quannum projects label.
01:30 AM- sublimator, the / and i dreamt of you [recalibrated] on the scared / stickfigure label.
01:26 AM- caural / sunned on cassette [remembering today] on the mush label.
01:19 AM- yacht / i fought with my friend [mega] on the marriage label.
01:16 AM- magnetophone / ...and may your last words be a chace to make things better [the man who ate the man] on the 4ad label.
01:14 AM- negativeland / yellow black and rectangular [escape from noise] on the cesstone label.
01:13 AM- out hud / dear mr. bush, there are over 100 words for sh*t and only 1 for music. f*ck you [let us never speak of it again] on the kranky records label.