ktru playsheet


from Thu 04/30/2009 04:59:00 PM until Thu 04/30/2009 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:56 PM- kubin, felix / the rhythm modulator cont'd [plat de resistance] on the wwilko/gagarin records label.
06:45 PM- boredoms / ant 10 (mix and edit by eye) [super roots 10] on the shock city label.
06:37 PM- gang gang dance / bells [kentucky/chinatown] on the fusetrono 32 label.
06:33 PM- them use them / able [gravity you lucky boy] on the first fold recordings label.
06:18 PM- davis, brian joseph / two [original soundtrack] on the self-released label.
06:14 PM- animal hospital / his belly burst [memory] on the barge recordings label.
06:08 PM- martinu, bohuslav / symphony no 5 [martinu symphony no 5] on the everest label.
05:55 PM- gudnadottir, hildur / iridescence [iridescence] on the touch label.
05:40 PM- feu therese / ce n'est pas les jardins du luxembourg [feu therese] on the constellation label.
05:30 PM- elephant 9 / doctor honoris causa [dodovoodoo] on the rune grammofon label.
05:24 PM- higamos hogamos / the illuminoids [higamos hogamos] on the dc recordings label.
05:20 PM- ambarchi, oren / highway of diamonds [destinationless desire] on the touch label.
05:16 PM- davis, brian joseph / eula [eula] on the self-released label.
05:08 PM- anderson, laurie / o superman (for massenet) [big science] on the warner bros label.
05:04 PM- m83 / run into flowers (g farben/vorschlag remix by KG) [run into flowers 12 "] on the gooom label.
05:01 PM- years / kids toy love affair [years] on the arts and crafts label.