ktru playsheet


from Sun 03/06/2011 10:00:00 PM until Sun 03/06/2011 11:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

10:53 PM- loop / vapour [a gilded eternity] on the situation 2 records label.
10:49 PM- flying saucer attack / the drowners [s/t] on the vhf records label.
10:43 PM- jesu / end of the road [lifeline ep] on the hydrahead label.
10:38 PM- hum / dreamboat [downward is heavenward] on the martians go home! label.
10:35 PM- glifted / the ground [under and in] on the martians go home! label.
10:28 PM- the fauns / road meets sky [s/t] on the laser ghost recordings label.
10:23 PM- ulrich schnauss / never be the same [goodbye] on the domino label.
10:19 PM- broken little sister / silence [jesus in space: the resurrection - v/a] on the killredrocket records label.
10:15 PM- fleeting joys / golden now [vibrato11.01 - v/a] on the . label.
10:10 PM- lsd and the search for god / backwards [s/t] on the mind expansion label.
10:06 PM- between the cities are stars / crystal's not clear [glausser] on the killredrocket records label.
10:05 PM- televise / tropical mix [sometimes splendid confusion] on the driftingfalling label.