ktru playsheet

CourtJ, AdamG

from Tue 01/29/2008 05:00:00 PM until Tue 01/29/2008 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:55 PM- the owls / even now [our hopes and dreams] on the magic marker label.
06:54 PM- piebald / grace kelly with wings [if it weren't for] on the BWR label.
06:49 PM- spoon / metal detektor [a series of sneaks] on the elektra entertainment label.
06:40 PM- Phleg Camp / hog bottom [ye'red fair scratch] on the cargo records label.
06:38 PM- bert jansch / can't hide love [sketches] on the O-ton label.
06:36 PM- the black swans / change! [change!] on the la societe expeditonnaire label.
06:27 PM- either/orchestra / ecaroh [the calculus of pleasure] on the accurate records label.
06:22 PM- monster bobby / i heard you moved away [gaps] on the hypnote label.
06:19 PM- golden animals / track 1 [s/t] on the happyparts recordings label.
06:16 PM- dobson, richard / never say never [back at the red shack] on the brambus label.
06:13 PM- staples, mavis / eyes on the prize [we'll never turn back] on the anti label.
06:08 PM- Speedy J / patterns [public energy number 1] on the the never records label.
06:00 PM- masters of the hemipshere / anything anything [protest a dark anniversary] on the kindercore label.
05:57 PM- people like us / clippety cart horse [recyclopedia britannica] on the mess media label.
05:52 PM- american analog set / diana slowburner ii [the fun of watching fireworks] on the trance label.
05:47 PM- atmosphere / gotta lotta walls [seven's travels] on the rhymesayers enertainment label.
05:44 PM- deaville / poison ivy [livin' on the lucky side] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
05:36 PM- onespot fringehead / back from the pull [onespot fringehead] on the merkin records label.
05:32 PM- jolly boys / hold me jack [sushine 'n' water] on the ryko label.
05:30 PM- richard youngs / no edge [autumn response] on the jagjaguwar label.
05:28 PM- the hot guitars of Biller and Wakefield / I don't mind [self titled] on the HMG/ high tone records label.
05:25 PM- dirty projectors / Rise Above [Rise Above] on the dead oceans label.
05:18 PM- mirah and spectratone international / community [share this place] on the k label.
05:15 PM- rooftop singers, the / you don't know [vanguard visionaries] on the vanguard label.
05:14 PM- dengue fever / mr. orange [venus on earth] on the m80 label.
05:08 PM- Blue Highway / that could be you [self titled] on the Ceili Music label.
05:05 PM- Speedball baby / black eyed girl [cinema] on the fort apache label.
05:03 PM- Peter Knight / Lost for words [an ancient cause] on the shanchie label.
05:00 PM- the honeydogs / miles away [everything, i bet you] on the october records label.