ktru playsheet


from Tue 08/17/2004 01:00:00 AM until Tue 08/17/2004 03:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:57 AM- the moog cookbook / buddy holly [s/t] on the restless records label.
02:53 AM- old time relijun / mystery language [witchcraft rebellion] on the k label.
02:49 AM- owls / i want the quiet moments of a party girl [owls] on the jade tree label.
02:42 AM- neurosis / blisters [word as law] on the lookout label.
02:39 AM- white mice / the love's gone [this is dancehall...vol. 2] on the continuum label.
02:33 AM- will oldham / the risen lord [black/rich music] on the drag city label.
02:28 AM- good life, the / album of the year [album of the year] on the saddle creek label.
02:22 AM- fiery furnaces / straight street [blueberry boat] on the ERROR: Entry not found in index or view's index not built label.
02:21 AM- gorge trio / paris trap [open mouth, oh wisp] on the skin graft label.
02:18 AM- yellowman / one god [a man you want] on the shanachie label.
02:10 AM- modulator / don't hold out on me [don't hold out on me] on the self-released label.
02:04 AM- faust vs. dalek / collected twilight [derbe respect, alder] on the staubgold/klangbad label.
02:01 AM- magnetic fields / i don't believe you [i] on the nonesuch label.
01:59 AM- Weaker Thans [request] / Time's Arrow [Reconstruction Site] on the Epitaph label.
01:53 AM- detonations / Ray Man [static vision] on the alive label.
01:51 AM- "Cheese" Read / J'ai Laisse De La Maison [Cajun House Party] on the Arhoolie label.
01:46 AM- Monster Magnet / Superjudge [Superjudge] on the A&M label.
01:39 AM- Morcheeba [REQUEST] / Part of the Process [Big Calm] on the China/Sire label.
01:38 AM- slurpees, the / I Smoked a Joint With Carl Sagan [flavors of everyday life] on the self-released label.
01:37 AM- wade ward / lone prairie [classic mountain songs] on the smithsonian folkways label.
01:30 AM- The Streets / Not Addicted [A Grand Don't Come For Free] on the atlantic label.
01:29 AM- dayton sidewinders / Funky In Here [midwest funk] on the jazzman label.
01:26 AM- Shonen Knife [REQUEST] / Konnichiwa [Happy Hour] on the Big Deal label.
01:22 AM- Rocket From The Crypt / Bring Us Bullets [Live From Camp Xray] on the label.
01:19 AM- The Rapture / Modern Romance [out of the races and onto the tracks] on the Sub Pop label.
01:15 AM- The Reputation / Face It [To Force a Fate] on the Lookout! label.
01:11 AM- Free Radicals / Allen Parkway Village [Our Lady of Eternal Sunny Delight] on the label.
01:10 AM- Sugar Shack / Steppin' Around [Shotgun For Two] on the label.
01:10 AM- gordon, michael / Light Is Calling [light is calling] on the nonesuch label.