ktru playsheet

Andrew Se

from Sat 08/27/2005 07:00:00 PM until Sat 08/27/2005 09:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

08:58 PM- lead belly / fannin street [bourgeois blues] on the smithsonian folkways label.
08:54 PM- books, the / the lemon of pink [the lemon of pink] on the tomlab label.
08:51 PM- robert "guitar" welch / electric chair blues [angola prisoners' blues] on the arhoolie label.
08:44 PM- webb, t.k. / hard luck case [kck] on the social registry label.
08:38 PM- wire / finest drops [it's beginning to and back again] on the enigma label.
08:34 PM- brotzmann/drake duo / open into the unknown [the dried rat dog] on the okkadisc label.
08:27 PM- stereolab & the high llamas / harve daley hix [the free design: the now sound redesigned] on the light in the attic label.
08:21 PM- wrens, the / 13 months in 6 minutes [meadowlands] on the absolutely kosher label.
08:04 PM- glenn branca / second movement - radioactive poltergeist kitchen 1955 [symphony #2 (the peak of the sacred)] on the atavistic label.

07:59 PM- my bloody valentine / only shallow [loveless] on the sire label.
07:50 PM- mogwai / hunted by a freak [happy songs for happy people] on the matadork label.
07:48 PM- ian dury and the blockheads / sex, drugs, and rock and roll [sex, drugs, and rock and roll] on the rhino label.
07:46 PM- wilderness / mirrored plan [wilderness] on the jagjaguwar label.
07:39 PM- phoenix / if i ever feel better [erlend oye dj kicks] on the !k7 label.
07:35 PM- nodern / bleak purple [s/t] on the sub rosa label.
07:31 PM- minotaur shock / muesli [maritime] on the 4ad label.
07:28 PM- the new pornographers / sing me spanish techno [twin cinema] on the matadork label.
07:24 PM- architecture in helsinki / do the whirlwind [in case we die] on the bar none label.
07:19 PM- eyeball skeleton / the bouncing apes [#1] on the my pal god label.
07:19 PM- money mark / spiders [dimension mix] on the eenie meenie records label.
07:10 PM- os mutantes / a minha menina [s/t] on the omplatten label.
07:06 PM- super furry animals / laser beam [love kraft] on the xl label.