ktru playsheet

Arias T., ToriL

from Fri 11/22/2013 02:01:00 PM until Fri 11/22/2013 04:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:03 PM- christine lavin / air conditioner [beau woes and other problems of modern life] on the rounder label.
03:57 PM- neko case / deep red bells [blacklisted] on the bloodshot label.
03:52 PM- norman & nancy blake / everybody works but father [blind dog] on the rounder label.
03:47 PM- dead c, the / armed courage [armed courage] on the ba da bing! label.
03:45 PM- the shaved pigs / substitute [cheers!] on the porcine records label.
03:39 PM- clipping. / killer [midcity] on the subpop label.
03:36 PM- teen daze / listen [glacier] on the lefse label.
03:35 PM- death takes a holiday / [ BONUS TRACK ] [academy 45] on the molusk label.
03:25 PM- the lonely guys / i'm a sucker for girl lead singers [pretty pathetic] on the s/r label.
03:24 PM- old time relijun / khomus [uterus and fire] on the k label.
03:24 PM- the replacements / color me impressed [hootenanny!] on the twintone label.
03:23 PM- the last poets / black is chant [this is madness] on the metrotone label.
03:20 PM- wheeler, elliott / the whistler [the long time] on the self label.
03:11 PM- fat tony / hood party [smart ass black boy] on the young one label.
03:11 PM- sleater-kinney / burn, don't freeze! [the hot rock] on the kill rock stars label.
03:11 PM- spiderwebs / fossilized whispers [brighton beach] on the wholly other label.
02:58 PM- lijadu sisters / bayi l'ense [mother africa] on the knitting factory label.
02:46 PM- steel an' skin / john belly mama [reggae is here once again] on the em records label.
02:42 PM- r.e.m. / perfect circle [murmur] on the irs label.
02:41 PM- gary lucas / the opener of the way [street of lost brothers] on the tzadik label.
02:36 PM- sick bees / strawhat's dogs [my pleasure] on the up label.
02:31 PM- sixtoo / snake bite [chewing on glass and other miracle cures] on the ninja tunes label.
02:25 PM- pucho / psychedelic pucho [the best of pucho and his latin soul brothers] on the prestige label.
02:18 PM- erkin koray / turku [elektronik turkuler] on the pharaway sounds label.
02:13 PM- skip & die / jungle riot [riot in the jungle] on the cram label.
02:13 PM- the mighty imperials ft. joseph henry / thunder chicken [thunder chicken] on the daptone label.
02:12 PM- orchestre national de mauritanie / kamlat [orchestre national de mauritanie] on the sahel sounds label.