ktru playsheet

Johnny, AmyK

from Wed 04/11/2001 03:00:00 PM until Wed 04/11/2001 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]
04:54PM- godheadsilo / nap attack [share the fantasy]

04:53PM- rainer maria / broken radio [look now look again]

04:47PM- heavens to betsy / calculated [calculated]

04:42PM- beauty pill / cigarette girl from the future [cigarette girl from the future]

04:36PM- flaming lips / turn it on [transmissions from the satellite heart]

04:35PM- lozenge / kung po [doozy]

04:29PM- people like us / wiener schnitzels [a fistful of knuckles]

04:27PM- the jam / london girl [modern world]

04:22PM- muffs / lucky guy [the muffs]

04:21PM- iqu and friends / norowareta mix-team [teenage dream]

04:17PM- death ray davies / clever found a name [the return of the drunk ventriloquist]

04:16PM- red knuckles and the trailblazers / dixie cannonball [freight train blues]
04:04PM- remington super 60 / please dont go [pling 2001]

04:03PM- miranda july / how's my driving [10 million hours a mile]

04:01PM- charlie haden / the blessing [the montreal tapes]

03:58PM- hot water music / us and chuck [never ender]

03:55PM- fantastic plastic machine / fanastics plastic world [fantastic plastic machine]

03:43PM- william parker trio / there is balm in gilead [painter's spring]
03:35PM- sebadoh / vampire [smash your head on the punk rock]

03:33PM- cornelius / atomic moog 2000 [cornelius remixes]

03:31PM- jo maka / roots [v/a bonga - angola 74]

03:28PM- mates of state / throw down [my solo project]

03:26PM- lisa marr experiment / donna lee [4 am]

03:24PM- Mach Kung-Fu / bamboo twist [Teach a Chick to Dance]
03:12PM- golden arm trio / the old woodcutter [why the sea is salt]

03:11PM- wagon christ / cris chana [musipal]

03:09PM- rondelles / mission: irresistible [fiction romance fast machines]

03:07PM- flossie and the unicorns / celebrity biography [lmnop]

03:06PM- coin / streaming data [architects of character]