ktru playsheet

allisond, JenessaS

from Fri 09/21/2001 07:00:00 AM until Fri 09/21/2001 09:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:07AM- brian and chris / undone undine [s/t]
09:03AM- random / do you think you're living in teh future [too stoned to sneeze without regretting it]

09:00AM- silver jews / trains across the sea [starlite walker]

08:55AM- helium / my father the clown [pram]

08:52AM- the geraldine fibbers / they suck [s/t]

08:49AM- the hopkins bros. / little girl [s/t]
08:44AM- bright eyes / haligh, haligh, alie, haligh [fevers and mirrors]

08:40AM- clientele / i had to say this [suburban life]

08:36AM- krs-one / a friend [i got next]
08:31AM- the white stripes / do [s/t]

08:31AM- tipsy / reverse cowgirl [hard petting]

08:30AM- lightning bolt / wee ones parade [ride the skies]

08:28AM- le tigre / the the empty [s/t]

08:23AM- low / like a forest [things we lost in the fire]

08:18AM- kostars / never so lonely [klassics with a K]

08:14AM- blumsfeld / eine eigene geschichte [l'etat et moi]

08:13AM- MC Trachiotomy / valentine [rhinestone]
08:07AM- the pastels / exotic archade [mobile safari]

08:04AM- tuscadero / dime-a-dozen [the pink album]

08:01AM- bikini kill / rebel girl [the singles]

07:55AM- sean lennon / mystery juice [into the sun]

07:52AM- gilberto gil / tata engenho novo [o sol de oslo]

07:49AM- simpsonic / in marge we trust [the simpsons]
07:45AM- ground-zero / folhas secas ["plays standards"]

07:42AM- monstre / sleep! [sucre 3]

07:42AM- sonny sharrock / bialero [black woman]

07:35AM- les savy fav / asleepers union [rome]

07:31AM- LE Spunk / Oogie [spunkium]

07:30AM- melt banana / third attack [teeny shiny]
07:23AM- groceries / the age of calypso [split]

07:21AM- blonde redhead / luv machine [inan expression of the inexpressible]

07:19AM- buddhist chants / hokekyo [harmony of the soul]

07:17AM- Corey Haris / If you leave me [fish ain't bitin']

07:14AM- zero zero / true zero [am gold]

07:11AM- dj cheb & Sabbah / Riverop Mercury [Shri Durga]