ktru playsheet


from Tue 10/21/2003 09:00:00 AM until Tue 10/21/2003 11:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

11:00 AM- Palace / West Palm Beach [Mountain] on the Palace Music label.
10:58 AM- artisokka / alfama [a hiding place in the arbor] on the shelf life label.
10:54 AM- grandaddy / gentle spike resort [a pretty mess by this one band] on the will label.
10:52 AM- preston school of industry / falling away [all this sounds gas] on the matador label.
10:46 AM- skullening / Hello Holidays [s/t] on the self-released label.
10:43 AM- The Crabs / Mission Impossible [Debutante] on the K label.
10:41 AM- The Rondelles / Mission:Irresistable [Fiction Romance, Fast Machines] on the Smells like Records label.
10:38 AM- Dimitri from Paris / Un Woman's Paradis [Sacreblue] on the Atlantic label.
10:35 AM- dead meadow / The Whirlings [shivering king and others] on the matador label.
10:34 AM- Belle and Sebastion / Winter Wooskie [Legal Man] on the Matador label.
10:32 AM- spoon / plastic mylar [telephono] on the matador label.
10:27 AM- neko case / stinging velvet [blacklisted] on the bloodshot label.
10:24 AM- kiyo / slowly hours [chaotech odd echo] on the schematic label.
10:21 AM- manitoba / children play well together [start breaking my heart] on the leaf label.
10:16 AM- 764-hero / oceanbound [nobody knows this is everywhere] on the tiger style label.
10:11 AM- hasidic new wave / aks [psycho semetic] on the knitting factory label.
10:10 AM- lithops / attached [scrypt] on the sonig/thrill jockey label.
10:06 AM- palolo / sol hoopii trio [hawaiian steel guitar classics] on the arhoolie label.
10:04 AM- miracle legion / gigantic transatlantic trunk call [me and mr. ray] on the rough trade label.
09:56 AM- Maine Research / Hopefuolness and Hopelessness [Sounds from the gulf stream] on the K label.
09:55 AM- Bright Eyes / Hopefulness and Hopelessness [sounds from the gulf stream] on the K label.
09:49 AM- Cub / vacation [Come out Come Out] on the mint records label.
09:42 AM- Calvin Johnson / Ode to St. Valentine [what was me] on the K label.
09:40 AM- Bright Eyes / We are Free Men [There is No Beginning to the Story-EP] on the Saddle Creek label.
09:33 AM- bozulich, carla / Denver/O'er the Waves [red headed stranger] on the dichristina stair builders label.
09:31 AM- Gene Ammons / Blue Velvet [Gentle Jug] on the Prestige label.
09:30 AM- Chachao / Al fin Te Vi [Mambo] on the Epic label.
09:24 AM- barmitzvah brothers / Today is Sunday [the night of the party] on the robosapien label.
09:22 AM- The Postal Service / Nothing Better [Give Up] on the Sub Pop Records label.
09:20 AM- swirlies / le bag [cats of the wild] on the bubblecore label.
09:18 AM- Les Savy Fav / Reformat [The Cat and the Cobra] on the Frenchkiss Records label.
09:17 AM- ka-nives / She's so Fine [demo] on the self-released label.
09:15 AM- niobe / tic tac [tse tse] on the sonig label.
09:13 AM- The Places / ode to the exhausted [The Auto Pilot KNows best] on the Absolutely Kosher Records label.
09:08 AM- Pedro the lion / Of Minor Prophets and Prostitues Wives [It's hard ot find a friend] on the jade tree label.