ktru playsheet

AndrewV, LindseyS
post punk

from Tue 05/29/2012 07:00:00 PM until Tue 05/29/2012 08:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

07:56 PM- patife / teu bem [the sexual life of the savages: underground post-punk from sao paulo, brasil] on the soul jazz records label.
07:51 PM- omaha / my time [the minimal wave] on the stones throw/minimal wave label.
07:45 PM- allez allez / allez allez [b9 bis: belgian cold wave 1979-1983] on the ltm label.
07:43 PM- 23 skidoo / vegas el bandito [7 songs] on the ltm label.
07:39 PM- lori and the chameleons / touch [touch 7"] on the korova/sire label.
07:34 PM- ludus / unveil [the visit/the seduction] on the ltm label.
07:30 PM- the method actors / halloween [this is still it] on the acute records label.
07:27 PM- minny pops / dolphin's spurt [drastic measures, drastic movement] on the ltm label.
07:24 PM- the durutti column / sketch for summer [the return of the durutti column] on the london/factory once label.
07:20 PM- blurt / sharks of paradise [blurt + singles] on the ltm records label.
07:14 PM- james chance / (tropical) heat wave [off white] on the tiger style records label.
07:12 PM- delta 5 / try [singles and sessions 1979-1981] on the kill rock stars label.
07:10 PM- bush tetras / you taste like the tropics [boom in the night] on the roir label.
07:05 PM- cristina / jungle love [doll in the box] on the ze records label.
07:02 PM- konk / alien jam [konk: tales of the new york underground 1981-88] on the soul jazz records label.