ktru playsheet

Andrew Se

from Thu 10/06/2005 03:10:00 PM until Thu 10/06/2005 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:57 PM- menomena / cough coughing [i am the fun blame monster] on the self released label.
04:53 PM- aterciopelados / luz azul [gozo poderoso] on the bmg label.
04:51 PM- mandalay sein mottah / mar mar aye [princess nicotine - folk and pop music of myanmar] on the sublime frequencies label.

04:47 PM- dr. israel / the doctor vs. the wizard [inna city pressure] on the roir label.
04:40 PM- wooden wand and the vanishing voice / rot on [buck dharma] on the 5RC label.
04:40 PM- baby teeth / celebrity wedding [the baby teeth album] on the lujo records label.
04:17 PM- fela kuti / coffin for head of state [coffin for head of state/unknown soldier] on the fak/mca label.
04:14 PM- j.e. mainer's mountaineers / i'm just here to get my baby out of jail [run mountain] on the arhoolie label.
04:04 PM- animal collective / who could win a rabbit [sung tongs] on the fatcat label.
03:59 PM- head of femur / the true wheel [ringodom or proctor] on the greyday productions label.
03:53 PM- velvet underground / ocean [collection of previously unreleased recordings] on the verve label.
03:49 PM- eels / jelly dancer [dimension mix] on the eenie meenie records label.
03:44 PM- Revolution 9 / answer me [lo-fi glamour] on the scarab records label.
03:38 PM- the books / tokyo [the lemon of pink] on the tomlab label.
03:37 PM- Adult. / hold your breath [d.u.m.e.] on the thrill jockey label.
03:32 PM- olivia tremor control / the opera house [dusk at cubist castle] on the flydaddy label.
03:27 PM- television / venus [marquee moon] on the elektra label.
03:20 PM- the notwist / one with the freaks [neon golden] on the domino label.
03:18 PM- safety scissors / l'amour d'cuisine [tainted lunch] on the ~scrape label.
03:14 PM- erlend oye / sheltered life (rmx) [dj kicks] on the !k7 label.
03:10 PM- m83 / run into flowers [dead cities, red seas, and lost ghosts] on the gooom label.