ktru playsheet

AaronB, JohnW
post punk

from Thu 02/18/2016 05:00:00 PM until Thu 02/18/2016 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:57 PM- asylum party / mother [mere] on the lively art label.
06:53 PM- corners / caught in frustration [maxed out on distractions] on the lolipop records label.
06:49 PM- the soft moon / total decay [total decay - ep] on the captured tracks label.
06:45 PM- the grinning plowman / inquisitions [days of deformity] on the carlyle records label.
06:37 PM- stiu nu stiu / ultra silvam [ultra silvam] on the edils records label.
06:31 PM- tuxedomoon / no tears [desire] on the ralph records label.
06:27 PM- 1919 / dream [cry wolf] on the abstract records label.
06:23 PM- red wedding / think about it [up and down the aisle] on the bemisbrain records label.
06:16 PM- eleven pond / watching trees [bas relief] on the game hen records label.
06:12 PM- protomartyr / maidenhead [under color of official right] on the hardly art label.
06:08 PM- das kabinette / the cabinet [spy thriller] on the minimal wave label.
06:04 PM- the sisters of mercy / amphetamine logic [first and last and always] on the merciful release label.
05:59 PM- minny pops / wong [sparks in a dark room] on the factory benelux label.
05:54 PM- ceramic hello / the diesquad [the absence of a canary] on the mannequin label.
05:51 PM- pavillon 7b / overdose [overdose] on the s/r label.
05:45 PM- dark day / no, nothing, never [exterminating angel] on the infidelity label.
05:42 PM- iron curtain / tarantula scream [tarantula scream] on the pylon label.
05:32 PM- brygada kryzys / fallen, fallen is babylon [s/t] on the andromedia label.
05:28 PM- pink industry / pain of pride [retrospective] on the parade amoureuse label.
05:24 PM- neils children / edward the confessor [dimly lit] on the boudoir moderne label.
05:22 PM- crash course in science / cardboard lamb [signals from pier thirteen] on the press label.
05:17 PM- chrisma / black silk stocking [chinese restaurant] on the polydor label.
05:14 PM- staccato du mal / solo baila sola [sin destino] on the wierd label.
05:09 PM- absolute body control / give me your hands [figures] on the body label.
05:06 PM- drinking electricity / breakout [overload] on the survival label.
05:04 PM- algebra suicide / (a proverbial explanation for) why no action is taken [the secret like crazy] on the rrr label.