ktru playsheet

AndieS, MarkS

from Thu 10/16/2014 12:00:00 AM until Thu 10/16/2014 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:57 AM- dungen / du ar for fin for mig [ta det lugnt] on the kemado label.
01:56 AM- johnny cash / there's a mother always waiting at home [house of cash] on the columbia label.
01:55 AM- johnny cash / the letter edged in black [house of carsh] on the columbia label.
01:46 AM- the drags / tastes like poison [stop rock and roll] on the estrus label.
01:41 AM- sultans of string / montreal [move] on the ontario arts council label.
01:37 AM- armenie / chant de labour [musique de tradition populaire et des achough] on the ocora label.
01:29 AM- ooioo / shizuku gunung agung [gamel] on the thrill jockey label.
01:21 AM- bachman, daniel / and now i am born to die [orange county serenade] on the bathetic label.
01:19 AM- the neybuzz / a place i once knew [mg's funk workshop] on the bpm label.
01:18 AM- roziah latiff and the jayhawkers / aku kechewa [pop yeh yeh: pyschedelic rock from singapore and malaysia 1964-70] on the sublime frequencies label.
01:12 AM- sebastien teller / universe [l'incroyable verite] on the record makers/blonde musique label.
01:05 AM- destroyer / european oils [destroyer's rubies] on the merge records label.
01:04 AM- creative mess / flash [pyschic adult] on the run for cover records label.
12:56 AM- ty segall / thank god for sinners [twins] on the planetary label.
12:53 AM- candi staton / he called me baby [s/t] on the honest jons records label.
12:51 AM- dan crary / cross the big sandy [bluegrass guitar] on the sugar hill label.
12:46 AM- bob stewart connections / bush baby [mind the gap] on the sunnyside communications label.
12:38 AM- dropkick murphys / never alone ["boys on the docks"] on the cyclone records label.
12:34 AM- john schott / 1919 [in these great times] on the tzadik label.
12:31 AM- various artists / alberta let your bangs grow long [prison worksongs] on the arhoolie label.
12:25 AM- golden cities / introit [golden cities] on the esotype records label.
12:19 AM- rabbi darkside / guitar hero (f. brother hamm [prospect avenue] on the say word entertainment label.
12:11 AM- sam rivers / aspect [concept] on the rivbea label.
12:04 AM- various artists / dr. calypso (barcelona) [100% latin ska, vol. 1] on the Moon ska nyc label.