ktru playsheet

AlexRi, JohnT

from Wed 03/11/2009 01:00:00 AM until Wed 03/11/2009 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:54 AM- nusrat fatah ali khan / barsoon kay intizar ka [body and soul] on the real world label.
03:51 AM- paul desmond / take ten [lemme tell ya bout desmond] on the label m label.
03:44 AM- russian circles / youngblood [station] on the suicide squeeze label.
03:42 AM- ken nordine / beige [colors] on the asphodel label.
03:36 AM- dj krush / candle chant [zen] on the sony label.
03:31 AM- storm and stress / meet me in the space [under thunder and fluorescent lights] on the touch and go label.
03:27 AM- blank dogs / now signals [the fields] on the woodsist label.
03:23 AM- fort knox five / how to start a band [radio free dc] on the fort knox label.
03:15 AM- pan-american / there is always the thrill of just beginning [white birds release] on the kranky label.
03:13 AM- shitmat / ace of base babylon [killababylonkutz] on the rune grammofon label.
03:10 AM- mo-dettes, the / masochistic opposite [the story so far] on the cherry red records label.
03:06 AM- kerouac, jack / american haikus [blues and haikus] on the rhino label.
02:59 AM- doktorski, henry / egypto fantasia [vaudeville accordian classics: the complete works of guido deiro] on the bridge records label.
02:54 AM- dj elephant power / do ti [scratch the hulu] on the sonig label.
02:53 AM- annea lockwood / thousand year dreaming [thousand year dreaming] on the what next label.
02:50 AM- mance lipscomb / cocaine done killed my baby [you got to reap what you sow] on the arhoole label.
02:47 AM- pinback / devil you know [autumn of the seraphs] on the touch and go label.
02:41 AM- a. armada / the damn was split but the city was saved [anam cara] on the hello sir label.
02:37 AM- godflesh / toll [selfless] on the earache label.
02:35 AM- wavves / teenage super party [s/t] on the woodsist label.
02:30 AM- 23 skidoo / porno base [seven songs] on the ltmcd label.
02:23 AM- dead can dance / yulunga [into the labyrinth] on the 4ad label.
02:21 AM- tom lopez / nobody but us chickens [2 minute film noir] on the zbs label.
02:17 AM- m83 / dont save us from the flames [before the dawn heals us] on the gooom label.
02:13 AM- dj/rupture / lonesome side [special gunpowder] on the pyschopath label.
02:06 AM- bogner, ursula / soloresonanzen [recordings 1969-1988] on the faitiche label.
02:06 AM- va / ammoura [modern belly dance music from lebanon] on the arc music label.
02:01 AM- since by man / emergency and me [pictures from the hotel apocalypse] on the revelation label.
01:56 AM- t.s. eliot / the love song of j alfred prufrock [the spoken word poets] on the british library sound archive label.
01:54 AM- lights in a fat city / aluna [sound column] on the extreme label.
01:50 AM- good for cows / chickenshit [good for cows] on the evander music label.
01:48 AM- edwards, john / battery [volume] on the psi label.
01:42 AM- dragon fli empire / outside inn [redefine] on the makebelieve label.
01:38 AM- robert henke / layer 02 [jukebox buddha] on the staubgold label.
01:34 AM- sleater-kinney / rollercoaster [the woods] on the sub pop label.
01:30 AM- miles davis / miles ahead [jazz showcase] on the prestige label.
01:25 AM- skream / fearless [tectonic plates] on the tectonic
01:22 AM- band of horses / no ones gonna love you [cease to begin] on the sub pop label.
01:14 AM- kinski / i wouldnt hurt a fly [semaphone] on the subpop label.
01:09 AM- kj sawka / london salvation [synchronized decompression] on the wax orchard label.
01:05 AM- emeralds / magic [solar bridge] on the hanson label.
01:02 AM- the high decibels / a word i said [the high decibels] on the rolling jack label.
01:00 AM- BeauSoleil / hey baby quoi ca dit? [the best of the crawfish years] on the rounder label.