ktru playsheet


from Thu 06/04/2009 10:00:00 AM until Thu 06/04/2009 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

02:06 PM- josh ritter / girl in the war [the animal years] on the v2 label.
02:00 PM- love as laughter / makeshift heart [laughter's fifth] on the sub pop label.
01:57 PM- magic pacer / golden feelings [dig this dig that] on the win records label.
01:54 PM- skating club / count to ten [the unfound sound] on the kimchee label.
01:49 PM- meat beat manifesto / happiness supreme dub [in dub] on the /run recordings label.
01:48 PM- marquis de tren and bonny prince billy / 81 [get on jolly] on the palace label.
01:40 PM- lena / wah gwan [floating roots] on the quatermass label.
01:38 PM- atom tm / im rausch der gegenwart 1 [liedgut] on the raster-noton label.
01:37 PM- sleep station / caroline, london 1940 [after the war] on the eyeball label.
01:33 PM- chatmon , sam / i have to paint my face [mississippi blues-1960] on the arhoolie label.
01:31 PM- el gato / never thought i was invincible [we're birds] on the motherload music label.
01:27 PM- gunn, steve / over the hill [sundowner] on the digitalis label.
01:24 PM- beat happening / secret picnic spot [s/t] on the sub pop label.
01:21 PM- krallice / timehusk [krallice] on the profound lore label.
01:16 PM- magnapop / elliott [mouthfeel] on the daemon records label.
01:12 PM- kling, kevin / shriners [home and away] on the gang of seven label.
01:08 PM- leo, ted and the pharmacists / better dead than lead [shake the sheets] on the lookout! records label.
01:04 PM- group bombino / boghassa [music of niger: guitars from agadez: vol. 2] on the sublime frequencies label.
01:01 PM- liars / it's all blooming now mt. heart attack [drum's not dead] on the mute label.
12:58 PM- muzak john / story? song [lo-fi ? acoustic] on the s/r label.
12:54 PM- marsmobil / dark star [minx] on the g-stone/quango label.
12:50 PM- gil, gilberto / nago buddha [parabolic] on the tropical storm label.
12:47 PM- delta 9 / in the void [disco inferno] on the earache label.
12:43 PM- hearts of palm / incus [trance nipple manifestation] on the palmetto space label.
12:40 PM- hi-standard / kiss me again [growing up] on the fat wreck chords label.
12:34 PM- kurzmann, christoff / stangl, burkhard / homeless dogs [neuschnee] on the erstpop label.
12:31 PM- deathray davies, the / without a trace [they stuck me in a box in the ground pt 3] on the has anyone ever told you? label.
12:25 PM- ustad / hari om tatsat [bade ghulam ali khan] on the rpg label.
12:23 PM- lefco, jake / headphones [and you are?] on the karma response unit label.
12:17 PM- medard, bix / la ficelle [s/t] on the altair music label.
12:14 PM- the last town chorus / wire waltz [wire waltz] on the telarc label.
12:09 PM- mi ami / the man in your house [watersports] on the quarterstick label.
12:06 PM- lackloves, the / if ever i [the beat and the time] on the rainbow quartz label.
12:05 PM- drop trio / gin and nothin [big dipper] on the s/r label.
12:00 PM- ze, tom / ave dor maria [estudando o pagode] on the luaka bop label.
11:53 AM- guitars / it's probably inevitable [white night white night] on the self-released label.
11:50 AM- wooden wand / in a bucket [james and the quiet] on the ecstatic peace label.
11:49 AM- mij / little boy [yodeling astrologer] on the esp-disk label.
11:39 AM- photon band / here comes some change [sounds from psychedelphia] on the lounge records label.
11:38 AM- knox, chris / rust [songs of you and me] on the caroline records label.
11:25 AM- nakamura, toshimaru & english / plant signs [one day] on the erstwhile label.
11:19 AM- transient waves / wavelength [sounds from psychedelphia] on the lounge records label.
11:15 AM- the bottle rockets / you can't hide a redneck [songs of sahm] on the bloodshot records label.
11:09 AM- boards of canada / high score [high score] on the skam label.
11:03 AM- 23 skidoo / iy [seven songs] on the ltmcd label.
11:01 AM- delgados / all you need is hate [hate] on the beggar's banquet label.
10:54 AM- allen, cory / in search of miracul [the fourth way] on the quiet design label.
10:50 AM- seekonk / you got what was coming to you [for barbara lee] on the kimchee label.
10:47 AM- ghost mountain / good heart [siamese sailboats] on the s/r label.
10:42 AM- kostars / never so lonely [klassics with a k] on the grand royal label.
10:41 AM- partch, harry / on the ship of spice-wood [17 lyrics of li po] on the tzadik label.
10:37 AM- hazel / j. hell [s/t] on the cavity search label.
10:31 AM- cosi, valerio / the north pole vibes [heavy electronic pacific rock] on the digitalis label.
10:28 AM- legendary pink dots / soft toy [the whispering wall] on the reachout international records label.
10:25 AM- johnston, daniel and slow death / i want you back into my life [sinning is easy] on the pickled egg label.
10:22 AM- city center / summer school [s/t] on the type label.
10:19 AM- dr calypso / maria [latin ska] on the moon records label.
10:13 AM- formby, george / my ukulele [legends of ukulele] on the rhino label.
10:10 AM- connors, loren / chant 3 [the curse of midnight mary] on the family vineyard label.
10:08 AM- new bomb turks, the / long gone sister [cheapo crypt sampler] on the matador label.
10:04 AM- aeytephe nantazhe / o antizhaoe moy [an maranae] on the bmg label.