ktru playsheet

GrahamH, AlecW

from Wed 03/25/2015 08:00:00 AM until Wed 03/25/2015 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

09:54 AM- big bill broonzy / flat foot susie with her flat yes yes [good time tonight] on the roots n blues label.
09:49 AM- cloakroom / lossed over [further out] on the run for cover label.
09:46 AM- the black angels / tired eyes [clear lake forest] on the blue horizon label.
09:40 AM- wray / swells [wray] on the communicating vessels label.
09:38 AM- yash p / houston to bombay [back to my roots] on the dap entertainment label.
09:29 AM- albert collins and the icebreakers / stormy monday [live in japan] on the alligator label.
09:20 AM- anson funderburgh and the rockets / don't want no leftovers [spins] on the black top label.
09:16 AM- lead belly / keep your hands off her [leadbelly is a hard name] on the smithsonian folkway label.
09:14 AM- momoru / the twenty first collection [patterns of plants] on the pinna records label.
09:10 AM- crystal castles / untrust us [crystal castles] on the last gang label.
09:02 AM- podipto / mississippi woman [podipto] on the stereo label.
09:00 AM- procol harum / the thin end of the wedge [exotic birds and fruit] on the cht label.
08:54 AM- the fat white family / cream of the young [champagne holocaust] on the trashmouth records label.
08:48 AM- kenny barron & david holland / in your arms [the art of conversation] on the blue note label.
08:44 AM- the mothers of invention / hungry freaks, daddy [freak out] on the verve label.
08:33 AM- tijuana panthers / 7th seal [wayne interest] on the innovative leisure label.
08:31 AM- rische, lillie mae / nobody's [nobody's] on the third man label.
08:27 AM- spirit / topanga window [spirit] on the ode records label.
08:25 AM- power plant / starvation [the golden dawn] on the decal label.
08:20 AM- poco / anyway bye bye [richie furay] on the epic label.