ktru playsheet


from Mon 01/20/2014 12:00:00 AM until Mon 01/20/2014 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

02:04 AM- strunz & farah / mambito [mosaico] on the meso records label.
02:01 AM- madison / happy days [dres them one by one] on the gables records label.
01:56 AM- el gato / christmas in my city [we're birds] on the motherload music label.
01:55 AM- dogbreath / phoenix lights [chookie] on the skulltula label.
01:50 AM- various / tarkan [turkish groove] on the putumayo label.
01:47 AM- dj kiva / nandi [degrees of freedom] on the adios babyfon label.
01:43 AM- beachwood sparks / desert skies [beachwood sparks] on the sub-pop 2000 label.
01:35 AM- elliot wheeler / the whistler [the long time] on the elliot wheeler label.
01:34 AM- twintapes / wdwg [wdwg] on the s/r label.
01:30 AM- hot chip / laws of salvation [remixes and rarities] on the dfa/emi/astrawerks label.
01:27 AM- john fahey / charley bradley's ten-sixty-six blues [red cross] on the revenant label.
01:24 AM- shocked minds / confusion [shocked minds] on the hozac label.
01:23 AM- lanky / falling hard for the girl [odd hour work week] on the imposter records label.
01:17 AM- dustin wong / liberal christian youth ministry [mediation of ecstatic energy] on the thrill jockey label.
01:14 AM- datach'l / suspended animation [mmale and ffemale] on the planet mu label.
01:09 AM- ryan hemsworth / weird life [guilt trips] on the last gang records label.
01:07 AM- latin playboys / viva la raza [latin playboys] on the slash/warner bros label.
01:02 AM- curtis hasselbring / green dress, maryland weolcomer center, 95 NB [number stations] on the cuneiform records label.
12:59 AM- various / above the moon [master musicians of jajouka] on the point music label.
12:56 AM- onuinu / lost [mirror gazer] on the bladen county label.
12:53 AM- oranger / 13 [the quiet vibration land] on the amazing grease label.
12:48 AM- on an on / the hunter [give in] on the roll call records label.
12:47 AM- lusine / the stop [serial hodgepodge] on the ghostly international label.
12:39 AM- san fermin / sonsick [san fermin ep] on the downtown label.
12:35 AM- dictator tot / eat & beat [all tanked up] on the half cocked records label.
12:32 AM- house of blondes / slow motion tourist [clean cuts] on the glowmatic records label.
12:26 AM- indrajit banerjee / madhyalaya eaktal [morning splendor] on the rain city label label.
12:22 AM- the jonx / the past is all you get [vocabulary herds] on the mus005 label.
12:09 AM- larval / something terrible is about to happen [obedience] on the cuneiform label.
12:07 AM- ticklah / descent [ticklah vs. axelrod] on the easy star label.
12:04 AM- wild flag / romance [wild flag] on the merge label.