ktru playsheet


from Mon 10/21/2002 03:00:00 PM until Mon 10/21/2002 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:59 PM- rotten piece / #3 [averted vision] on the axis mundi label.
04:58 PM- xiu xiu / ceremony [chapel of the chimes] on the absolutely kosher label.
04:57 PM- joy division / disorder [unknown pleasures] on the factory label.
04:41 PM- dillinger escape plan w/ mike patton / when good dogs do bad things [irony is a dead scene] on the epitaph label.
04:39 PM- jerry hunt / string 2 "mail order church" [song drapes] on the tzadik label.
04:35 PM- spacemen 3 / i love you [recurring] on the fire records label.
04:31 PM- witches and devils / truth is marching in [at the empty bottle] on the knitting factory label.
04:27 PM- radar bros. / lose your face again [s/t] on the restless label.
04:25 PM- acid mothers temple / loved and confused [electric heavyland] on the alien8 label.
04:18 PM- holly go lightly / i cant be trusted [singles round up] on the damgood label.
04:13 PM- the books / enjoy your worries you may never have them again [new york: various artists] on the apartment b label.
04:06 PM- sonic youth/the ex/instant composers pool / III [in the fishtank] on the konkurrent label.
04:01 PM- destroyer / hey, snow [this night] on the merge label.
Malcolm Takes Over.......
03:58 PM- belle and sebastian / winter wooskie [legal man] on the matador label.
03:54 PM- charles gayle / afternoon in paris [jazz solo piano] on the knitting factory label.
03:50 PM- earth trumpet / earth trumpet VI [s/t] on the cenotaph; doormat, tx (self-released); mush label.
03:47 PM- boo radleys / if you want it, take it [giant steps] on the columbia label.
03:42 PM- rebecca / telegram sam [v/a great jewish music] on the tzadik label.
03:36 PM- smog (request) / dress sexy at my funeral [dongs of sevotion] on the ? label.
03:33 PM- keller williams / god is my palm pilot [laugh] on the sci fidelity label.
03:31 PM- honeywell, peggy / all shook up (request) [honey for dinner] on the galaxia label.
03:28 PM- reyes de las calles / el mundo va a acabarse [v/a cuban hip-hop all stars vol.1] on the papaya label.
03:22 PM- air / remember [moon safari] on the caroline/source label.
03:19 PM- our hour / panda riot [v/a little darla has a terat for you v.12] on the darla label.
03:18 PM- most dangerous game of cat and mouse / guy song [ep] on the we're twins label.
03:13 PM- amon tobin / stoney street [bricolage] on the ninja turtle label.
03:10 PM- v/a / songhay gulu drummers [africa drum, chant, &instrumental music] on the elektra label.
03:05 PM- prefuse 73 / love you bring [the 92 vs 02 collection] on the waro label.
03:00 PM- the pogues / fairytale of new york [if i should fall from grace with god] on the island label.