ktru playsheet


from Mon 01/27/2014 11:59:00 PM until Mon 01/27/2014 02:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

01:58 AM- macromantics / miss macro [moments in movement] on the kill rock stars label.
01:55 AM- slow club / two cousins [paradise] on the moshi moshi records label.
01:51 AM- whitman, keith fullertone & davis, greg / knitting factory [yearlong] on the carpark label.
01:47 AM- guards / giving out [in guards we trust] on the black bell label.
01:41 AM- kim hiorthoy / on sunday [melke] on the smalltown supersound label.
01:37 AM- on an on / the hunter [give in] on the roll call records label.
01:34 AM- lilys / tone bender [in the presence of nothing] on the slumberland label.
01:30 AM- michael prophet / gunman [gunman] on the greensleeves label.
01:27 AM- slow runner / break your mama's back [no disassemble] on the red ink label.
01:23 AM- swck / de' one [unicorn chasers] on the iv lab studios label.
01:16 AM- srinivas koumounduri and david courtney / eastern fantasia [eastern fantasia] on the s/r label.
01:11 AM- ladytron / this is our sound [604] on the emperor norton records label.
01:08 AM- queen africa / coconut shell [montego bay] on the vp label.
01:03 AM- kuupuu / taivut [sisar] on the em records label.
12:58 AM- sea wolf / the cold, the dark& the silent [leaves in the river] on the dangerbird label.
12:54 AM- shakey face / demy beta [puddle jumping during a moonsoon] on the quatermass label.
12:50 AM- felix / who will pity the fool [oh holy molar] on the kranky label.
12:45 AM- various / nilgul [trukish groove] on the putumayo label.
12:40 AM- voice of eye / blooming [vespers] on the cyclotron industries label.
12:36 AM- ty segall / sweet c. c. [sleeper] on the drag city label.
12:33 AM- yuri yunakov / cocek manhattan [new colors in bulgarian wedding music] on the traditional crossroads label.
12:30 AM- madison / happy days [dress them one by one] on the gables record label.
12:27 AM- glass animals / psylla [glass animals ep] on the harvest records label.
12:23 AM- dj me dj you / galactic africa [can you see the music] on the eenie meenie label.
12:21 AM- deirde / nights in white satin [one] on the six degrees label.
12:13 AM- san fermin / sonsick [san fermin ep] on the downtown label.
12:11 AM- eleni mendell / just a dream [afternoon] on the zedtone label.
12:09 AM- cloud control / scream cave [dream cave] on the votiv label.
12:06 AM- dj kentaro / onehand blizzard [enter] on the ninja tune label.
12:03 AM- erkin koray / sir [elektronik turkuler] on the pharaway sounds label.