ktru playsheet


from Wed 11/04/2015 03:02:00 PM until Wed 11/04/2015 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

04:57 PM- live human / 2 am [elefish jellyphant] on the matodor label.
04:55 PM- little red car wreck / workaholic [motor like a mother] on the yoyo recordings label.
04:47 PM- neutral milk hotel / oh comely [in the aeroplane over the sea] on the merge label.
04:44 PM- sugar blue / i ain't got you [blue blazes] on the alligator records label.
04:41 PM- painted caves / paper tigers: ballad of the office worker [s/t] on the primitive records label.
04:38 PM- the hold steady / citrus [boys and girls in america] on the vagrant label.
04:33 PM- hop along / happy to see me [painted shut] on the saddle creek label.
04:26 PM- the drones / i don't ever want to change [gala mill] on the atp recordings label.
04:21 PM- dana cooper / flower in a rocky land [stone by stone] on the jalapeno label.
04:17 PM- total babes / blurred time [heydays] on the wichita label.
04:11 PM- rotten piece / assassinated [hippolytus] on the lazy squid label.
04:07 PM- shonen knife / explosion [brand new knife] on the big deal label.
04:03 PM- blonde redhead / down under [la mia vita violenta] on the smells like label.
04:00 PM- the shivers / beauty [charades] on the apples & whiskey label.
03:54 PM- steve davis / pinnacles [say when] on the smoke session label.
03:53 PM- deep cuts / cigarette boat [deep cuts] on the sugarhill studios label.
03:51 PM- sun kil moon / neverending math equasion [tiny cities] on the caldo verde label.
03:43 PM- godspeed you! black emperor / asunder, sweet [asunder, sweet and other distress] on the sodec quebec label.
03:41 PM- drumhead / raddish enyo [drumhead] on the bliss tone label.
03:37 PM- stovali, babe / the ship is at the landing [the old ace] on the arcola label.
03:31 PM- david roitstein/larry koonse / think of one [conversations] on the jazz compass label.
03:27 PM- lambchop / short [damaged] on the merge label.
03:24 PM- la luz / i can't speak [weirdo shrine] on the hardly art label.
03:19 PM- jens lekman / a postcard to nina [night falls over kortedala] on the secretly canadian label.
03:16 PM- eat skull / shredders on fry [sick to death] on the siltbreeze label.
03:10 PM- the revelations / i've got to use my imagination [the cost of living] on the decision records label.
03:05 PM- elliot moss / best light [highspeeds] on the grand jury label.