ktru playsheet


from Thu 03/25/2004 03:02:00 PM until Thu 03/25/2004 05:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

05:03 PM- unicorns / tuff ghost [who will cut your hair when..] on the alien 8 label.
04:49 PM- ooioo / sizuku ring neng [kilakilakila] on the thrill jockey label.
04:46 PM- asha bhosle / ina mina dika [the rough guide to bollywood legends: asha bhosle] on the world music network label.
04:44 PM- icu / yopparai (a drunkard who fell from heaven) [chotto matte a moment!] on the k records label.
04:37 PM- trapist / part 2 [ballroom] on the thrill jockey label.
04:25 PM- jaga jazzist / toxic dart [animal chin ep] on the gold standard laboratories label.
04:19 PM- linus p smile / microwave goddess of sex on the 3rd cup of coffee [blackboxofhumus] on the appt.records label.
04:19 PM- sufjan stevens / year of the rooster [enjoy your rabbit] on the asthmatic kitty label.
04:11 PM- magas / klub 99 [friends forever] on the ersatz audio label.
04:09 PM- mochipet / mochi vs soulseek [combat] on the violent turd label.
04:08 PM- tsahar/maneri/black / part 6 [jam] on the hopscotch label.
03:58 PM- squarepusher / go! plastic [go plastic] on the warp label.
03:51 PM- mates of state / a control group [my solo project] on the omnibus label.
03:40 PM- So Hee Kim / scene from Heung Boo-Ga (p'ansori) [p'ansori: korea's epic vocal art and instrumental music] on the elektra/nonesuch label.
03:38 PM- quench / lad [punctuated] on the n5md label.
03:33 PM- asheru/blue black / dream time [48 months] on the seven heads label.
03:33 PM- various artists / el calero [mexico's pioneer mariachis vol 3, mariachi vargas] on the arhoolie label.
03:30 PM- blonde redhead / misery is a butterfly [misery is a butterfly] on the 4ad label.
03:23 PM- man or astroman? / landlocked [destroy all astroman!] on the estrus label.
03:04 PM- curtis, charles / track b [ultra white violet light / sleep] on the beau rivage / squealer label.
03:04 PM- erase errata / lets be active c/o club hott [at crystal palace] on the troubleman unlimited label.
03:03 PM- channel, the / enslavement [tones are falling] on the c-side label.