ktru playsheet


from Thu 07/16/2009 10:00:00 AM until Thu 07/16/2009 02:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

01:56 PM- barbieri, gato / in search of the mystery michelle [in search of mystery] on the esp-disk label.
01:53 PM- dilloway, aaron / chain shot [chain shot] on the hanson label.
01:48 PM- ginen, boukani / jou a rive [jou a rive] on the xenophile label.
01:43 PM- tango no. 9 / libertango [here live no fish] on the spillhouse label.
01:42 PM- 900x / the black beach [volume 1:music for lubbock, 1980] on the asthmatic kitty label.
01:37 PM- sonic youth/the ex/instant composers pool / III [in the fishtank] on the konkurrent label.
01:30 PM- allen, cory / in search of miracul [the fourth way] on the quiet design label.
01:27 PM- elliott, matt / end [the mess we made] on the merge label.
01:21 PM- edwards, john / half full [volume] on the psi label.
01:19 PM- department of eagles / noam chomsky spring break 2002 [the cold nose] on the american dust label.
01:16 PM- dirty projectors / ponds and puddles [the getty address] on the western vinyl label.
01:09 PM- bruce eisenbeil crosscurrent trio / in memory of a.d. [mural] on the cimp label.
01:05 PM- the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy / hypocrisy is the greatest luxury [hypocrisy is the greatest luxury] on the 4th b'way label.
01:00 PM- novak, yann / untitled [in residence] on the dragons eye recording label.
12:57 PM- st. thomas / paris, tx [let's grow together] on the racing junior label.
12:51 PM- fine, milo / ananke solo part 2 [ananke] on the emanem label.
12:47 PM- three mile pilot / longest day [another desert another sea] on the cargo music label.
12:45 PM- golden hours, the / my feet beneath the water [spooky ep] on the eggy label.
12:41 PM- tarantula a.d. / who took berlin (part II) [book of sand] on the kemado label.
12:37 PM- greg / ode to the lima bean [greg] on the s/r label.
12:32 PM- the dark fantastic / wind forever [s/t] on the up label.
12:30 PM- mr. dj / feel irie [serious reggae business] on the shanachie label.
12:24 PM- these immortal souls / my one-eyed daughter [i'm never gonna die again] on the mute label.
12:22 PM- hearts of palm / no flag [trance nipple manifestation] on the palmetto space label.
12:19 PM- 31 knots / sedition's wish [polemics ep] on the polyvinyl label.
12:15 PM- blakely, eric / lemon tree [levity] on the folk reel label.
12:10 PM- yo la tengo / winter a-go-go [summer sun] on the matador label.
12:07 PM- someck, ronny and elliott sharp / rice paradise [revenge of the stuttering child] on the tzadik label.
12:06 PM- muzak john / ode to marty john [lo-fi ? acoustic] on the s/r label.
12:03 PM- mr. bungle / everyone i went to high school with is dead [disco volante] on the warner bros. label.
12:01 PM- big band brutal / sigriour er ao springa ut [motorlab #2] on the kitchen motors label.
11:50 AM- lauten, elodie / duel [the death of don juan] on the unseen worlds label.
11:48 AM- chris knox / rust [songs of you and me] on the caroline label.
11:44 AM- mastadon / blood and thunder [leviathan] on the relapse label.
11:40 AM- ghost mountain / the atomic brain [siamese sailboats] on the self released label.
11:40 AM- mitch miller / jelly on my head [songs for children] on the golden lp label.
11:31 AM- casual dots / hooded [s/t] on the kill rock stars label.
11:29 AM- infant mortality rate / by the time i get to zenith [radio-electronics] on the mayday records label.
11:28 AM- bob holman / levitatin' in levitown [in with the out crowd] on the mouth almighty records label.
11:25 AM- linus pauling quartet / larry's song [immortal chinese classics music] on the worship guitars label.
11:13 AM- moe! staiano's moelkestra / conducted improvisation piece no. 11: two orchestras in separate rooms [2 rooms] on the edgetone label.
11:11 AM- mark dwinell / daily reprieve [nonloc] on the badabing label.
11:08 AM- van shipley / chahe mujhe koi junglee kahe [bollywood steel guitar] on the sublime frequencies label.
11:00 AM- dj spooky / galactic funk [songs of a dead dreamer] on the asphodel label.
10:55 AM- olekranon / solemn [s/t 3"] on the inam label.
10:53 AM- theoretical girls / nato [theoretical record] on the acute label.
10:48 AM- oaxacan / track three [oaxland] on the majmua label.
10:44 AM- dirty three / sirena [ocean songs] on the touch & go label.
10:39 AM- gibson, lacy / cb blues [crying for my baby] on the delmark label.
10:37 AM- ex models / three weeks [zoo psychology] on the french kiss label.
10:34 AM- prurient / soft crack [black vase] on the load label.
10:28 AM- madlib / song for my father [shades of blue: madlib invades blue note] on the blue note records label.
10:22 AM- bruce eisenbeil sextet / inner constellation [inner constellation vol. 1] on the nemu label.
10:17 AM- tap tap / 100,000 thoughts [lanzafame] on the stolen recordings label.
10:02 AM- adams, john / grand pianola music 1A [chamber symphony/grand pianola music] on the elektra nonesuch label.