ktru playsheet

ClaireH, AliciaG

from Wed 03/01/2006 04:00:00 AM until Wed 03/01/2006 07:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

07:02 AM- elk city / turpentine [the sea is fierce] on the warm label.
06:59 AM- the young dubliners / foggy dew [breathe] on the backyard label.
06:54 AM- lady sovereign / random [vertically challenged] on the chocolate industries label.
06:53 AM- yo la tengo / my little corner of the world [i can hear the beat beating as one] on the matador label.
06:46 AM- massmurdermedia / mudland [the needles and the damage done] on the massmurder houston label.
06:44 AM- caural / they'll make a video game out of killing people like you [remembering today] on the mush label.
06:39 AM- various / eva [luis bonilla latin jazz all stars: pasos gigantes] on the candid label.
06:34 AM- techno animal / robosapien [brotherhood of the bomb] on the matadork label.
06:30 AM- midwood, ramsay / feed my monkey [shoot out at the ok chinese restaurant] on the vanguard label.
06:27 AM- loren mazzacane conors / falling star (comets light the way) [the little match girl] on the road cone label.
06:23 AM- lismore / come undone [we could connect or we could not] on the cult hero label.
06:20 AM- zero zero / d minus [a.m. gold] on the jade tree label.
06:15 AM- broken spindles / downtown venues [s/t] on the tiger style label.
06:12 AM- victoria / ride a rainbow [s/t] on the shadoks label.
06:10 AM- cake on cake / i see no stars [i see no stars] on the desolation records label.
06:04 AM- los madrugadores / corrido de los hermanos hernandez [corridos & tragedias de la frontera] on the arhoole label.
06:02 AM- modest mouse / polar opposites [in the lonesome crowded west] on the up records label.
05:54 AM- secret mommy / tennie cout [very rec] on the ache label.
05:49 AM- cristina / disco clone [doll in the box] on the ZE label.
05:45 AM- the rice phillharmonics / africa [a scorching day of abstention] on the - label.
05:39 AM- harris newman / lake shore drive [accidents with nature and each other] on the strange attractors audio house label.
05:35 AM- the need / 2-story girl [the need dead] on the chainsaw label.
05:31 AM- el titere / sexteto cafe [salsa dance] on the rough guides label.
05:26 AM- attic ted / stilts [hemogoblin] on the pecan crazy label.
05:25 AM- franz ferdinand / shopping for blood [darts of pleasure] on the domino label.
05:18 AM- blackalicious / world vibrations [the craft] on the quannum projects label.
05:14 AM- eshete, alemaehu / Yeweb dar [alemayehu eshete] on the buda musique label.
05:13 AM- royal city / ain't that the wat [little heart's ease] on the three gut records label.
05:10 AM- Various / samba [ziriguiboom-the now sound of brazil 2] on the six regrees 2005 label.
05:03 AM- various artists / gulaabi puvu [doob doob o'rama 2] on the normal label.
05:01 AM- bad religion / the empire strikes first [the empire strikes first] on the epitaph label.
04:54 AM- The Unfound Sound / san francisco [skating club] on the kimchee records label.
04:50 AM- amusement parks on fire / veuns in cancer [s/t] on the filter label.
04:47 AM- mike stern / believe it [is what it is] on the atlantic jazz label.
04:41 AM- planet shock / harder the rhythm [planet shock] on the planet shock label.
04:37 AM- bliss / catalina au revoir [grafted to an elbow] on the patois label.
04:35 AM- losing my grip / space bike [disco sucks] on the che 60 label.
04:28 AM- metric / empty [live it out] on the last gang records label.
04:21 AM- mighty sparrow, the / stella [first flight] on the smithsonian folkways label.
04:18 AM- patty waters / hush little baby with ba ha bad [college tour] on the zyx label.
04:15 AM- wilco / dash [a.m.] on the reprise label.
04:06 AM- engine kid / lies like knives [angel wings] on the revelation records label.
04:02 AM- cat power / love and communication [the greatest] on the matadork label.