ktru playsheet

JohnT, AlexRi

from Wed 03/04/2009 01:00:00 AM until Wed 03/04/2009 04:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]

03:54 AM- jay cloidt / driver [kole kat krush] on the starkland label.
03:52 AM- k-the-i??? / 400 on the bpm [yesterday] on the ERROR: Server error: Entry not found in index label.
03:48 AM- gunn, steve / over the hill [sundowner] on the digitalis label.
03:43 AM- pavement / stereo [stereo] on the matador label.
03:39 AM- the faint / i disappear [wet from birth] on the saddle creek label.
03:34 AM- various / sex madhesi [rumba rock: congo 70s] on the syllart label.
03:32 AM- public enemy / gotta give the people what they want [all tomorrow's parties] on the last word label.
03:31 AM- atom tm / wellen und felder iii [liedgut] on the raster-noton label.
03:24 AM- john coltrane / impressions [selections from legacy and love supreme] on the verve label.
03:23 AM- trio sowari / piercing 4 [shortcut] on the potlach label.
03:21 AM- luddite clone / circle template [the arsonist and the architect] on the relapse label.
03:15 AM- toyama. takeo / troll [etudes] on the karaoke kalk label.
03:12 AM- the high decibels / crash with no cushion [the high decibels] on the rolling jack label.
03:09 AM- autumn in halifax / maramount [the soft, soft shakes] on the carbon label.
03:05 AM- ltj bukem / music [va-mixmag liv] on the mixmag/moonshine label.
03:01 AM- don caballero / i agree...no! i disagree [world class listening problem] on the relapse label.
02:53 AM- coco montoyo / trip, stumble and fall [can't look back] on the aligator records label.
02:50 AM- wall with one side / ya'll's brains ain't as fast as mine [light fixture/walsingham] on the er mmxii label.
02:45 AM- terminal sound system / theme for a broken home [constructing towers] on the extreme label.
02:41 AM- steve reich / movement 4 moderate [tehillem/the desert music] on the cantalope music label.
02:37 AM- black angels / black grease [passover] on the light in the attic label.
02:36 AM- combustible edison / utopia [the impossible world] on the sub pop label.
02:32 AM- sri mersing / pimp rubiah [va-folk and pop sounds of sumatra] on the sublime label.
02:28 AM- mance lipscomb / take me back babe [texas songster] on the arhoole label.
02:23 AM- old / who are you? [black sabbath: an earache tribute] on the earache label.
02:21 AM- skream, distance, dq1, loefah, digital mystikz, armour, hijak, dj pinch & p duffy, moving ninja, loefah & scream, omen, cyrus / MRK1-Slang [tectonic plates] on the tectonic label.
02:15 AM- death from above 1979 / black history month(remix) [romance bloody romance] on the vice label.
02:10 AM- dj baba james / international bossa [the house of good juju] on the funketabla label.
02:07 AM- dj vadim / in control vol 3 [ussr art of listening] on the ninja tune label.
02:04 AM- john lee hooker / this is hip [mr lucky] on the charisma/point blank label.
02:01 AM- boredoms / 13 [super roots 6] on the reprise records label.
01:57 AM- skinny puppy / icebreaker [bites] on the nettwerk label.
01:56 AM- sorrels, rosalie / who said this [strangers in another country] on the red house label.
01:51 AM- russian cicles / harper lewis [station] on the suicide squeeze label.
01:45 AM- mij / romeo and juliet [yodeling astrologer] on the esp-disk label.
01:40 AM- combatwoundedveteran / activate the corpses [duck down for the torso] on the no idea label.
01:35 AM- alfred noyes / the highway men [the spoken word: poets] on the british library sound archive label.
01:34 AM- explosions in the sky / 6 days at the bottom of the ocean [the earth is not a cold dead place] on the temporary residence label.
01:29 AM- zomby / float [where were u in '92] on the werk label.
01:25 AM- the evens / get even [get evens] on the discord label.
01:18 AM- diplo / way more [florida] on the big dada label.
01:15 AM- ground zero / pseudopodium [live 1992+] on the doubtmusic label.
01:12 AM- mixmaster mike / full range earmuff [bangsilla] on the scratch records label.
01:10 AM- kid dynamite / pause [self titled] on the jade tree label.
01:03 AM- nurse with wound / rock n' roll station [rock n' roll station] on the united dairies? label.
01:01 AM- flaco jimenez / recuerdos de saginaw [flaco's first] on the arhoolie records label.