ktru playsheet

CourtJ, AdamG

from Tue 02/12/2008 05:00:00 PM until Tue 02/12/2008 07:00:00 PM

time- artist / song [album]

06:51 PM- mark dwinell / hazy, rushing [non/oc] on the badabing label.
06:47 PM- huayno / cholo orgulloso [music of peru vol. 1, 1949-1989] on the arhoolie label.
06:43 PM- edgar froese / upland [aqua] on the virgin records label.
06:38 PM- oxford circle / mind destruction [everything you always wanted to know about 60s mind expansive punkadelic garage rock instrumentals but were afraid to ask] on the arf! arf! label.
06:31 PM- einstuerzende neubauten / was ist ist [palast der republik] on the mvd label.
06:27 PM- les sequelles / girl [et tant pis si cela] on the grenadine label.
06:25 PM- future rapper / corporate thuggery [land of a thousand rappers vol 1.fall of the pillars] on the asthmatic kitty label.
06:21 PM- doc watson / mama don't allow no music [memories] on the sugar hill label.
06:19 PM- food for animals / grapes (reprise) [belly] on the hoss records label.
06:17 PM- dobson, richard / suited me [back at the red shack] on the brambus label.
06:10 PM- lozenge / numbrcrunchr [mishap] on the sickroom label.
06:08 PM- last days / swimming pools at night [these places are now ruins] on the n5md label.
06:03 PM- mali, taylor / seventh-grade viking warrior [conviction] on the words worth ink label.
06:02 PM- kable / hello [chlorophyll] on the fleece label.
05:56 PM- steel pulse / tyrant [african holocaust] on the ras/sanctuary label.
05:55 PM- ed chang & han degc / scharrend [nois und stringe] on the quodlibet label.
05:51 PM- seely / outro [seconds] on the too pure label.
05:45 PM- loess / talus [wind and water] on the n5md label.
05:43 PM- kenneth newby / ephemera [ecology of souls] on the songlines label.
05:30 PM- like a fox / nobody knows you [like a fox] on the tappersize label.
05:22 PM- the country gentlemen / the long black veil [smithsonian folkways] on the on the road and more label.
05:18 PM- bird names, the / smoove biz [wooden lake/sexual dinner] on the unsound label.
05:12 PM- marcus roberts / cherokee [as serenity approaches] on the BMG label.
05:06 PM- lipstick traces / why don't you do right [a new orleans r and b session] on the blues beacon label.
05:04 PM- the comas / employment [conductor] on the yeproc records label.