ktru playsheet

Allisond, JenessaS

from Fri 11/09/2001 07:00:00 AM until Fri 11/09/2001 10:00:00 AM

time- artist / song [album]
08:41AM- april march / bright undress [it goes without saying]

08:40AM- lead belly / blind lemon [where did you sleep last night]

08:35AM- mr b / he may be your man [shining the pearls]

08:34AM- sparks, tim / gut morgn [tanz]

08:31AM- fugu / sol y sombra [fugu 1]

08:26AM- ashtray boy / koala boy [projector]

08:24AM- reynols / bolomo mogal saludo almerica [bad times ahead for me]

08:23AM- pale / from hate with love [the high and away]

08:17AM- erik friedlander / topaz [topaz]

08:13AM- sarge / a torch [the glass intact]
08:09AM- 310 / an seanachi [after all]

08:04AM- pavements / westie can drum [stereo]

08:03AM- pansy division / the summer you let your hair grow out [wish i'd taken pictures]

08:00AM- party of helicopters / mt. forever [mt. forever]
07:52AM- john zorn / kochot [masada -- live in middelheim 1999]

07:49AM- new idea society / don't die on the dance floor (then walk away) [s/t]

07:44AM- geezer cake / liberated woman [hearts won't try this]

07:37AM- joy electric / happiness & life [melody]

07:30AM- simon joyner / two friends take a bow for the record [songs for the new year]

07:29AM- julie ruin / breakout a-town [s/t]
07:21AM- langely schools music project / saturday night [innocence & despair]

07:13AM- jenny toomey / artful dodger [antidote]

07:06AM- brian and chris / march to the sea [s/t]

07:06AM- papas fritas / explain [s/t]